What are knee pads and where are they used? Knee Protection Guide

Many people of different occupations have experienced knee pain and knee injuries because knees are the part of our body that supports most of our body weight and therefore allows us to move from everyday activities such as walking, climbing stairs, sitting down and getting back up to more vigorous activities such as running and playing different sports. And because every year more than 8 percent of all workplace injuries are knee related that usually result in having to take at least two weeks off to heal these type of injuries we need to guard our knees and support them so that you are not among the 8 percent and don’t experience the pain of a knee injury or illness. Which is why you should use knee pads no matter if you work in construction, play sports professionally, are a housewife or have other profession that can result in having a knee injury.

knee pad

Knee pads basically are a protective measure to keep your knees healthy and to prevent injury. They usually are described as protective gear because they are the best way how you can protect your knees. Even if you fall or receive a blow to your knees knee pads will be able to absorb the force from the impact and significantly lessen the effect the blow will have on your knees preventing serious injury and cutting down the healing time if an injury do occur.

Knee pads are made out of some type of cloth starting from cotton to neoprene depending on what type of knee pads they are and they usually are equipped with some type of padding or knee protection that will let them actually do their job and protect our knees. There are quite a few types of knee pad styles and manufacturers which will dictate not only for what you can use the knee pad but how efficient it will be and how much it will cost.

Mainly knee pads are used as injury prevention measure either in sports or if your job requires you to kneel on the ground such as it can be to those who work in construction. Knee pads are made so that they not only absorb blows and protect form traumatic injuries that can occur upon impact or severe twisting like most sports injuries but also protect the knees from overuse type of injuries that develop when a person is performing repeated actions over long periods of time like for example laying tiles or flooring. But how much exactly can knee pads protect our knees? Research done for American Journal of Epidemiology study suggests that wearing knee pads decrease the risk of injury by more than 50 percent which only proves the point of knee pads truly being the ultimate protective measure.

Another common knee pad usage is as a performance booster. Especially among construction workers who do a lot of ground work. Knee pads can boost their productivity because they experience less knee pain and can spend longer periods of time actually doing their job without having to get up and resting their knees. But knee pads can boost performance among athletes or military personal too because these pads protect their knees allowing them to safely and confidently perform actions that otherwise would put a lot of stress on the knees such as high jumps and ducking or diving to the ground.

And lastly many also use knee pads as a way to help their knees to last longer and to preserve the range of motion of the knees. If you want to take care of your knees from the start or even if you have already done some damage and want to prevent your knees from getting worse then knee pads are the best way to do it because knee pads will help your knees remain elastic and pain free so you can enjoy all type of activities for longer time than those who didn’t take care of their knees with knee pads.

No matter if you use knee pads simply as a preventive measure so you don’t sustain knee injuries while playing sports or working or you use them actually as a way to be more productive at work knee pads truly can change your life. Bye, bye knee pain, limited range of motion or fear of injuring your knees.

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  1. Avatar Faylinn Says: June 12, 2020 at 4:37 pm

    Wow, I never knew that more than 8% of all workplace injuries are related to knees annually. This is something I need to keep in mind as I try to reenter the workforce because I tend to have delicate knees. Hopefully, I can find some kind of knee pad with a hard shell that I could wear so I can be safe and protected.

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