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If you’ve never broken a leg before or sprained your ankle, consider yourself lucky. Anyone that’s been through it before knows how burdensome it is to carry out your day-to-day routine. Just taking a shower can cut thirty minutes out of your morning. Fortunately, a leg cast and bandage cover can make your life just a little bit easier. Whether you’re in a boot or an orthopedic cast, a shower cover is a must-have. Not only will it make it easier to bathe yourself, but it will also prevent skin irritation and infections that come with getting the inside of your cast wet. To help you find the perfect cover, we reviewed several products on Amazon and selected the top three. Throughout our search, we focused extensively on the cover’s material, durability, functionality, and what type of reputation it had on Amazon.

Top Three Leg Cast and Bandage Covers

These are the best covers you’ll find on Amazon, without a doubt. From extremely durable material to an industry-leading seal mechanism, these three products are a must-have if you’re in a cast. No more taping together a garbage bag or tying together grocery bags. Before you go off on your own, take a look at the best leg cast and bandage covers on Amazon:

Vive Leg Cast Cover for Swimming and Showers

The first product to make our list is waterproof leg cast cover for swimming and showering by Vive. With this adult protection dry bag, the grueling task of taking a showering when you have a cast on becomes just a little bit easier. The store that sells this cast cover, Vive, is a retailer exclusive to Amazon that boasts a wide selection of chiropractic gear as well as exercise equipment. Priced at just under $17, you certainly don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your cast dry. With an average rating of 4.5 stars out of five, this leg cast protector for showering is inarguably one of top-rated on Amazon. According to some of the reviews, this cast protector actually beats some of the alternatives that you can find in medical supply stores. Not only will this shower leg protector fit securely over your fast, but you can also use it to cover a walking boot and rashes to prevent skin irritation. This patent-pending product is designed to be both lightweight and durable, with a watertight seal to combat leakage. Given that it only weighs 6.4oz, you won’t struggle with your movements or with getting in and out of the shower.

What really makes this device unique is the “innovative” seal that keeps both water and dirt out. And just because it has a durable design, doesn’t mean it’s uncomfortable. Instead, Vive manufactures this cast and bandage cover with composite material that’s both soft and tear-resistant. The cover is universal, with the ability to fit many sizes of adult plastic and synthetic casts. You can say goodbye to the tedious task of taping a garbage bag over your cast. This protector slides right over your cast and is a breeze to put on and take off. The elastic seal uses pull tabs to ensure the ultimate fit and protection. According to the Amazon listing, the seal actually regains after each use and doesn’t weaken. In addition to using the cover for bathing, you can also use it for therapeutic care. Since Vive offers a 60-day warranty on all purchases, you’re completely covered if you run into an issue with the leg and ankle cast cover. With hundreds of positive reviews and a price of $17, this leg cast cover for swimming and showers is hard to beat.


  • Made of durable composite material
  • Has pull-tabs to fasten the elastic rubber seal
  • Seams reinforced to prevent tears
  • Suitable for therapeutic care and outdoor activities


  • The seal is too tight in some cases
  • Doesn’t fit all sizes of boots

Brownmed Leg Cast Cover for Shower

While this Brownmed leg cast cover for showers is number two on our list, it’s actually the number one selling product in the bath and shower cast and wound cover category on Amazon. At a price of $9, it’s one of the cheapest, too. Brownmed was founded in 1965 and has a huge collection of medical supplies and everyday gear. This particular product is part of their Seal Tight product line, originally created in 1989 and rated as one of the best bandage and cast protection brands to date. Different from the Vive leg cast cover, this protector extends further up the leg (almost to the hip). You can use this shower bag for leg cast for bathing, swimming and even walking in the rain. There’s definitely a reason why this cover is one of the top choices on Amazon – it’s received thousands of positives reviews and holds an average rating of 4.3 stars out of five. Many reviewers rave about its ability to keep water out and dub it as a “lifesaver.” As a matter of a factor, Brownmed also sells an adult arm cover along with a pediatric arm and leg cover.

This product’s seal-tight design keeps you safe from water without having to spend an eternity prepping yourself for a five-minute shower. Brownmed describes it as a “flex-seal rubber diaphragm” that securely fastens over the top of your cast. With that said, it’s very lightweight and almost resembles a garbage bag. Since Brownmed makes their covers using latex-free materials, this product is a safe option for people with latex allergies. Just because this cover is made of plastic, doesn’t mean it’s not durable. If you take a quick glance at the reviews, you’ll see that many customers have used the cover for several months. Unlike the cover sold by Vive, there’s no warranty information about this product on Amazon. Nonetheless, Brownmed has dependable customer support you can contact if anything is defective on your leg cast for shower and bathing. Altogether, this leg is a deal you don’t want to miss. Just like thousands of other customers, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how effective this cover is.


  • Keeps water out even when fully submerged
  • Made with latex-free material
  • Number one best seller on Amazon
  • Universal and fits many different body types


  • The rubber seal is extra tight
  • Not 100% resistant to leaks

Brownmed Waterproof Leg Cast Cover

This last product to make our list is another product sold by Brownmed that is part of the same Seal Tight product line. The main different between this cover and number two on our list is the design of the seal. Moreover, this cover is best suited for people with long legs because it measures 42in in length. Priced at $17, this product is a bit more expensive than some of the other covers by Brownmed. Despite the extra cost, it still has hundreds of positive reviews. Not only did customers mention that they received the product quickly, but they also mentioned that it was easy to put on and that they had no leaks at all. Before buying this leg cover, you’ll want to measure yourself carefully and remember that your foot will take up part of the (42in) length. Whether you’re a prosthetic or with a broken leg, this cover’s ultra-durable sealant will keep water out and help you avoid damage. Even though it’s costlier than some of the other options on Amazon, it’s still much cheaper than what you would end up paying if you had to replace your cast.

At a weight of 11.2oz, this waterproof leg cast protector is slightly heavier that the other two covers on our list. Brownmed makes this product with polyvinyl, commonly known as PVC. Manufacturers have historically used polyvinyl to cover other materials because it is abrasion resistant, long-lasting, and strong. While the hole might look small around the seal, the non-latex material actually fits over your cast to make for a snug fit. You can certainly use this product multiple times; it should last for the entire time you have your cast on. When you put it on, however, make sure it goes on your thigh so its as tight as possible. If you’re tall and haven’t had much luck with other casts, this leg cast cover is a must-have. You can count on Brownmed’s top-notch quality and follow the doctor’s order to a T by never exposing your cast to water. For the price, you can’t really go wrong, either.


  • Recommended by doctors
  • Features a non-latex diaphragm
  • Made of strong polyvinyl material
  • Built to last at least the life of the cast


  • More expensive than some other cast covers
  • No warranty information available on Amazon

Other Leg Casts and Bandage Covers to Consider

In addition to the top three bandage covers listed above, we’ve compiled a list of other covers worth considering. For this set of products, we looked closely at the material, durability, and customer reviews. Although these options fell short of our top three list, they’re still superb covers that get the job done.

Mighty Cleaner Leg Cast Protector

Sold by Mighty Cleaner, this leg cast protector measures 28in in length and fits legs that are 14in wide or larger. Each package comes with three separate three covers that will holdup for multiple uses. Mighty Cleaner’s goal when designing this protector was to make as “unnoticeable” as possible. Due to this, the cast cover is ultra-thin and not meant for swimming or other strenuous physical activity. Like many other protectors on Amazon, this product is completely latex-free. You can even stretch this over a boot; however, if you stretch it too much at the beginning, you can only use it one time. Since it’s not built to last as long as some the competing products on Amazon, we decided not to include it in our top three list. At the end of the day, it’s still a good buy and gets the job done.

Wilsco Waterproof Leg Cast and Bandage Cover for Shower

At $26.95, this leg cast and bandage cover is a little pricier that some of the other options on Amazon but is worth the extra money. It’s latex-free and made of materials that make it suitable for long-term use. Most importantly, it’s comfortable and safe to use on slippery surfaces. Measuring 25in in length, the cover will fit over most adult leg casts and boots. The whole in the center can stretch between 2 to 7.4in, the perfect diameter for a tight fit to keep water out. It doesn’t stick to your leg or hinder your ability to move – instead, there’s plenty of space inside the cover that gives you room to breathe and move around. Provided that it’s made of PVC, polypropylene, and rubber, it won’t ever rip. Even though it’s not the cheapest option, this is a good bandage cover for repeated use.

DOACT Waterproof Leg Cast & Bandage Protector

This waterproof leg cast and bandage protector by DOACT differs from the rest because it actually looks like an inflated bag while in use. It measures 28in in length and has a circumference between 6 to 15in. For most normal-sized adults, the protector should fit up to the hip. Furthermore, this product also has FDA approval and is latex-free. Since the material used to make this product doesn’t have any odor, you don’t worry about pungent smells that some plastic and rubber covers give off. According to the reviews on Amazon, the cover is easy to slide on is 100% effective at keeping water from seeping in. Priced at $18, this cast protector is inline with the products on our top three list. DOACT also sells a half-sized cast protector along with one designed for the foot only. The only reason we didn’t select the DOACT cover for our top three list is because some customers on Amazon had trouble getting their leg to fit through the seal.

CastCoverz! Fashionable Leg Cast Cover

Almost resembling a long sock, this CastCoverz! leg cover is far from your typical cast protector. In fact, it’s much more discrete than the other options we’ve featured on our top three list. Since it comes in multiple different sizes, it’s important to measure your cast before ordering. In addition, there are 26 different colors and prints to choose from, including “evening lace” and “flames on black.” Not only does CastCoverz! make all of their products in the USA, but they also take pride in offering top-notch orthopedic products. This product just missed our top three least because it’s designed to offer protection from rain and dirt, not long exposure to water during a shower or bath. It may be a good idea to this cover with a PVC protector intended for showering and swimming.

DryPro Waterproof Half Leg Cast Cover

As the name suggests, this DryPro waterproof half leg cast cover is a “pro” at keeping your cast dry. It’s manufactured in the United States and come in a large and small size. Unlike many of the other covers on our list, it’s actually made from surgical latex. To keep you from falling in the shower, the bottom of these covers boast non-skid grips, so you stay flat on your feet. Additionally, it’s completely waterproof and works well for showering, swimming, and taking a bath. Should you encounter any leaks during the first 90 days of use, you’re covered under DryPro’s exclusive warranty. The price starts at $31.89 for a size large and $35.99 for a small. You read that right – the size small actually is a bit more expensive than the large. No matter how long you plan to stay in a cast, this vacuum-seal leg cast cover will keep you protected.

Curad Leg Cast Protector

Available for less than $8, the leg cast protector by Curad is one of the cheapest options on our list. It’s made in the United States and intended for long-term, reoccurring use. Each purchase comes with two adult-sized leg covers. In addition, Curad also sells arm covers for around the same price. Since the protector features a tight seal, you don’t need tape or use straps to close your cast. You can also use this latex-free protector for a boot, not just a cast. It’s perfectly suitable for walking outside, therapy, and a variety of other activities where you cast could end up wet or dirty. With an average rating of 4.2 out of five stars, it’s quite obvious that many people are impressed by this cover’s quality. The only slight drawback is that a few customers mentioned they had to alter the product (such as adding a rubber band around it) to get a secure fit. Despite the need for a few alterations, you can’t go wrong at this price.

DryCast Waterproof Cast Cover

The last on our list of honorable mentions is this waterproof cast cover by DryCast. It’s latex-free and you can slip your leg into with ease. Believe it or not, this leg cast cover has been around for over 25 years. To this day, it’s still a preferred option for many. DryCast sells short and long sizes for both adults and pediatrics. To put the cover on, you just have to make space between the diaphragm and your cast by using your thumb. After it’s on, just slide it up so it’s secured right above your cast. Taking the cover off is a breeze as well and you can use it multiple times. Ranging from $22-23 in price, it’s not the cheapest cover on Amazon by any means. On a final note, be extra cautious when picking the size to buy. According to some of the reviews, it tends to be larger than what is described on Amazon. For this reason, some customers said the seal was loose and they had problems with the cover sliding down their leg.

The Ins and Outs of Cast Covers

If you’ve ever broken a bone before, you know how much of a hassle it is to shower. Many people create a makeshift garbage bag cover only to end up with a damp cast after this shower. To make it easier to bathe and shower with a cast or boot on, medical supply companies came up with covers that slide over your cast and form a watertight seal. While most people wear these useful protectors in the shower, you can also use them while you’re out walking, swimming, or at therapeutic care. No matter your age or size, there’s a cast cover for you on Amazon. These covers work with plaster and synthetic casts, cast braces, splints, and boots. In addition, some products can accommodate amputees who need to cover their prosthetics while in the shower. In a nutshell, leg and bandage covers use a simple seal mechanism to effectively keep out water and dirt.

How a Leg Cast Protector Works

Despite there being tons of different cast protectors on Amazon, the large majority of them work the same. To start off, the portion that physically goes around the cast is either lightweight surgical rubber or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The reason manufactures choose these materials because they’re waterproof and have distinguished tensile strength. Not only do they withstand the test of time, but they’re also lightweight and help you maintain your balance. Given that these products are relatively straightforward, there are only a few parts: the synthetic plastic body, plastic ring, and diaphragm. As you would expect, the body acts as the shield that keeps the water out (think of an umbrella). Both the plastic ring and diaphragm together form a tight seal to keep out the elements. The first step to putting the waterproof shield on your leg is to use your thumbs to open the diaphragm, just wide enough so your leg can fit though. Place your leg inside the plastic until you’ve reached the end and then push the ring in the opposite direction away from you. This motion is what creates the watertight seal. Once you’re done showering, simply pull the ring towards you to loosen the seal. You can then use your thumbs to open the diaphragm, so you can pull your leg out.

No More DIY Contraptions

Let’s face it, trying to keep your cast dry using a homemade cover never ends well. Common materials used for these DIY covers include garbage bags, plastic wrap, and towels. The biggest challenge to making an effective cover at home is creating a tight seal. Since these homemade usually boast a duct tape seal, it’s hard to say whether or not water will seep in. Furthermore, plastic sitting around your home is likely to have tears and holes. Unless you’re using PVC plastic or another material with similar properties, you can never be 100% sure that the water will stay out. Apart from this, you can only use most DIY covers one time because they either don’t hold up or they rip.

Cast Cover Buying Guide

Since keeping your cast dry is so crucial, picking out the right cover inevitably takes some time. To give you an idea of what to look for in a cover, we’ve come up a list of the main and additional features. The main features should have the final say when it comes to buying a product. If you’re on the fence between two options, let the alternative features decide which one wins.

Main Features


The reason people buy cast covers over using garbage bags is because they’re expecting higher quality material. For the most part, cast covers are made of either silicone, polyvinyl, or a similar synthetic plastic. These plastics are preferable because they’re durable and don’t rip easily. It’s always an extra bonus if you can find a medical-grade material, such as certain types of silicone. If you’re allergic to latex, you’ll want to make sure the Amazon listing reads “latex-free.”

The Seal

Almost all covers have a watertight seal that almost resembles a suction. It’s important to choose a cover with a seal that’s neither too tight or too loose. In theory, the diaphragm should stick to your skin, so no water leaks in. However, sometimes you’ll see reviews saying the seal is too tight or too big. While it’s better to be too tight than loose, you still need to be able to open it up with your thumbs. Another thing to consider is how easily the seal slides up and down. Some seals have a hook or tab that you grab hold of to slide it up your leg. On the other hand, you merely use the ring around the seal to shift the cover up and down. Without an adequate seal, the cover can’t function properly.


Before buying a cover, it’s essential to measure your leg to make sure you get the right size. Remember, your foot will take up space, so you’ll want to factor that in as well. Measure your foot and then add that to the measurement of your leg (up to where the cast reaches). Some covers might go all the way up to your hip and some may only make it right past your knee. The good news is, most listings on Amazon have various sizes to choose form.


Depending on the material and seal, some covers are only meant for showering while others are suitable for physical activity. The Amazon listing should highlight what you can and can’t do in the cover. If it has a thick and ultra-durable material, it’s probably befitting for more strenuous activity. At the end of the day, it’s probably best not to overdo it unless you have more covers on standby.

Additional Features


If you don’t have treads on the floor of your shower, it’s probably a good idea to buy a cover that has grips on the bottom. Even though some might say otherwise, it’s still possible to slip and slide in vinyl and PVC. The only downside to grips is that they come at a higher cost.

FDA Certification

Last but not least, FDA certification is always a plus. For a product to have FDA certification, it must undergo rigorous testing by the Food and Drug Administration to be considered safe for medical use. Additionally, this certification also means that there are more benefits from using the product than there are risks. Despite this stamp of approval, there will always be some risk. When you can’t decide between two different options, go with the one that has FDA approval.

Fun Facts

In the United States alone, roughly six million people break a bone each year. That’s a whole lot of casts! On average, it takes about 4 to 10 weeks before fully recovering from a broken bone. If you shower at least once per day, that’s at least 28 to 70 showers. Now, imagine trying to cover cast 70 times with a garbage bag and duct tab. Doesn’t sound too thrilling, does it?

Did You Know?

Getting the inside of your cast wet no only irritates your skin but can also cause infections. Although most of these infections aren’t deadly, they’re a headache to get rid of and require weeks of topical treatment. In addition to causing irritation, a wet cast can lead to permanent scaring and dead skin. The dead skin on your leg will slowly peel off over time, but the scaring will last forever.

The Waterproof Cast of the Future?

A tech startup called Cast21 might be on route to creating the cast of the century. Instead of using fiberglass, C21 makes cast out of silicone that are customized to each patient. They only take about 20 minutes to make are completely waterproof. With this innovative cast, your arm has more room to breathe and you won’t experience skin infections or irritation.

Supporting Products

For many people, buying the best cast cover for swimming or showering isn’t enough. You’ll also need these critical items to keep you from falling:

SlipX Solutions Adhesive Bath Safety Treads

Even if your cast cover comes with extra traction on the bottom, you’re not 100% safe from falling. The last thing you want is to end up with another broken bone. These adhesive bath safety treads by SlipX are an extra measure to ensure your safety. Priced at $7.99, the treads are a good deal considering they can save you from another injury. Each package comes with 12 clear treads that are hardly noticeable. If clear isn’t for you, the treads are also available in white, tan, and gray. They take less than a few minutes to install and will last for years. In addition to your shower, you can also stick these treads to your hot tub, stairs, or other slick surfaces where you run the risk of falling. They work well on porcelain, fiberglass, and sealed wood surfaces. Before installing this product, you’ll want to make sure your floor is spick and span, so they stick are they’re supposed to. For added safety in your shower, these treads will do the trick.

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip Bath & Shower Handle

While most showers have a handle, they’re not always in the most convenient spot. When most of your body weight is resting on one leg, it’s important that you have something to hold on to. This 17in Safe-er-Grip bath and shower handle by Changing Lifestyles is the perfect solution. To install the handle, all you have to do is place it against a non-porous surface and flip the switch upwards, so the suction sticks. Keep in mind that this handle is not meant for holding your entire body weight; you should only use one hand at a time. In addition, it’s not a permanent fixture. You have to remove it and then reinstall it after using it. Even when you’re not in a cast, this shower handle is good for keeping your balance in the shower. The low price point of $10 is a bonus, too. If you pair this product with a PVC cast cover and safety treads, you have pretty much you need to bathe yourself safety each day.

Tips on Using a Leg Cast Cover

Just like any products, leg cast covers can become defective if not used properly. Even the strongest can puncture. The best way to keep your cover in perfect condition is to handle it with care. While it might sound silly, you should cut your toenails, so they don’t pierce through the cover. Moreover, keep the cast protector away from sharp objects and other places where it can snag (i.e. the drain). Don’t ever try to adjust the seal while you’re in the shower – turn it off and dry yourself completely beforehand.

Stay Dry With the Top Covers on Amazon

No matter what type of cast you’re in, using a plaster leg cast cover will make your life easier and prevent skin irritation. Most covers are suitable for showering, taking baths, swimming, and even walking outside. The measly price of protecting your cast is much less than the cost of replacing it or treating a skin infection. Unless you live by a medical supply store, you probably won’t find a super high-quality waterproof leg cast cover in-person. On Amazon, however, a top-notch leg cover for shower that will last you several months. If you want the best waterproof cast cover for swimming or just something to help you take a shower each day, you’ll certainly want to look at the top three products:

Vive Leg Cast Cover for Swimming and Showers

The number cover on Amazon is Vive’s leg cast cover for swimming and showers. With a universal fit, this cover works for almost all sizes of adults and is suitable for both plastic and synthetic casts. Unlike some of its counterparts, this cover works even when fully submerged in water (i.e. swimming) and boasts a secure watertight seal. There’s also an elastic pull tab that helps keep the seal in place. Given that it holds an average rating of 4.5 stars out of five, it’s one of the most highly regarded bandage protector and leg covers on Amazon. According to some of the reviews, it’s large enough to fit over boots and most people only needed to buy one to last them the entire time that they were in a cast. Shelling out $17 on this cover is a much better option than covering your cast with a garbage bag on the daily.

Brownmed Leg Cast Cover for Shower

Part of Brownmed’s exclusive Seal-Tight product line, this leg cast costs less than $10 and is another popular option on Amazon. The cover is latex-free and the top-rated product in the bath and shower cast cover category. As a matter of fact, thousands of people have left this product a positive rating. It features a rubber diaphragm that you can easily slip on and off your leg. Moreover, it only weighs 6.4oz and doesn’t cause you to lose your footing. Since it’s made with strong polyvinyl, it should last the lifetime of your cast.

Brownmed Waterproof Leg Cast Cover

Finishing off our list of top three cast covers is another leg protector by Brownmed. The main difference between this product and number two on our list is that this option is longer. If you have long legs and are 6ft or taller, this cover is worth checking out. It functions the same as the other cast protectors in the Seal-Tight line; just open the diaphragm with your thumb and then slide your leg in. After your leg is all the way in, push the seal downwards to tighten it. If you take a look at the reviews, you’ll see that customers have used this cover for months without problems. At just under $19, this small investment will pay off.

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