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Thank you for visiting my blog! I am Mathew Foster – sports and health enthusiast, who not only regularly practices different sports but who also has a deep interest in all types of physical activities and everything related to staying healthy and fit.

My passion for sports started in early childhood when me and my dad played soccer in our backyard, pretending to be professional athletes. Seeing my talent for the sport, my dad decided that this skill should be developed further and involved me in different sports. And since I liked playing sports, I agreed. As a result, I spent not only my early childhood but also my youth playing football (and later volleyball as well) in different sports teams. Now that I have graduated school and have become an adult, I still love to spend my free time playing football and volleyball with my friends.

As you can assume, I never played sports at a professional level, but I have always been deeply interested in them. And because I believe that it is crucial to know not only the practical but also the theoretical side of sports, I began researching everything and anything I could find about sports and the physicality behind it.

While doing so I found that one of the most important aspects of every sport is safety. Despite the fact, that sports are often about having fun or competing with others, it also involves risk. Risk of injuring yourself and getting hurt. And research shows that the knees are the most commonly injured body part because it is the biggest and the most complex joint in the human body. But not only that, most often knee injuries occur while playing sports because of inappropriate or insufficient knee protection. And I can say that from experience as well, having suffered multiple different injuries, including a knee injury, during my time. So I also began trying to find out more about ways of protecting your knees from getting hurt.

And I stumbled upon knee pads, sleeves, and braces and realized that sports and knee protection are inseparable concepts. So I decided to put my acquired knowledge about knee health and knee protection to good use and created KneeSafe, my blog about knee safety and protection. On KneeSafe you will find information not only about different knee injuries and other interesting knee-related tips and advice. But on here you will also be able to find the best knee protection tools and accessories for you, so you don’t put your knees in jeopardy ever again.

Everyone knows, that good health isn’t something we can buy, but everyone should know that there are accessories that we can buy to improve our health. One such accessory is knee protectors that will help you to avoid knee injuries and will help you keep your knees healthy and working great! My motto is:

preventing injuries is easier and cheaper than treating them!

So protect your knees with KneeSafe!

If you have any questions regarding knee health, protection or specific products featured on this website, please contact us using the e-mail address on the Contact Us page or the contact form. Enjoy your time reading KneeSafe, keep your knees in top shape using knee pads and have fun!

~Mathew Foster



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