Knee Health

Diet for knee pain Knee Health

Knee pain is a popular health condition that has negatively affected the lives of millions of people around the world. Knee pain is caused either by an acute injury to the knee joint or diseases like osteoporosis. Treating the knee is somewhat complicated because it is made up of several ligaments and muscles. This makes it difficult for doctors to pinpoint what is going on....

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Knee injury first aid Knee Health

Your knees are one of the most valuable joints in your body, supporting your weight as you walk, run and dance. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most vulnerable to damage; falls and collisions, overuse, excessive or sudden force and twisting motions, and other awkward movements – all of these can cause a range of injuries to your knee joint and the various muscles...

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Knee Pain and Depression: The Link Between the Two Knee Health

If you recently feel low, have trouble sleeping and concentrating on tasks, you may have depression. If you feel pain in knees when feeding the dog or climbing the stairs with a heavy bag of groceries, you may have arthritis. Although you probably have heard about both, new studies suggest the link between the two is stronger than previously assumed. Read on to understand how...

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Surfer’s Knee Pain Knee Health

What you need to know and how to get rid of it Surfing is one of the healthiest sports in the world, however, it holds several dangers. One of these dangers is the Surfer’s knee pain. The sight of surf riders gliding on the ocean waves is always beautiful, but many people remain unaware of the myriads of physical hazards associated with this adrenaline-charged sport....

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How to Properly Wrap a Knee Knee Health

Knee wrapping is a necessity if you engage in some sports or constant exercise. But there are a number of other reasons why you may need to wrap your knee, like injuries or a tender muscle. And even though it looks like the simplest thing to do, looks can be deceptive. A lot of people take it for granted and then make a mess of...

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What is the Difference Between a Cast and a Splint? Knee Health

If you’ve ever broken a bone before or you’ve followed a relative to the hospital to have his broken bone treated then you must have seen a cast and a splint. At the hospital after seeing the doctor for a broken bone, some patients come out with a splint while others come out with a cast. And you probably have wondered: “why is this one...

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Total Knee Replacement Procedure Using Robotics Knee Health

Everyone understands the importance of being able to move around. It’s a valuable privilege most living things enjoy. For humans, this is only possible due to the presence of the knee. Forget its range of motion, your knee is more complex than you can possibly imagine. It has several bursae, ligaments, and smaller joints to buttress that. Sadly, one false move and it all comes...

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Why Are My Knees Buckling When I Am Running? Knee Health

Ever experienced a situation where your knee joints could not support your thighs any longer? This is often referred to as knee buckling. It is a problem experienced by adults – the elderly are more affected by this disorder. The stability of your knee is largely responsible for your ability to walk around without difficulty. When that stability is impaired, your knees tend to ‘give...

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Wrestling Safety Gear: Why is it Important? Knee Health

Everyone knows about wrestling or must have heard of it. This sporting event has grown in popularity and participation from what was obtainable some years ago. It is common knowledge that this event is a physical one. There is the possibility of your body suffering grievous harm should you decide to participate. Those kicks and punches can cause severe damage especially if your opponent attacks...

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Best Remedies for Sore Knee Knee Health

A sore knee is a prevalent condition that can be experienced by older adults, young adults, and children. It occurs as a result of a wear and tear of the knee joint or as a result of an injury to the knee. Are your knees bothering you? Here are some of the best remedies! Ice compression Ice apart from cooling drinks has some medical benefits....

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