Knee Protection Guide

How to warm up your knees before a workout Knee Protection Guide

Body joints move around lots of time during a workout, and your knees are no exception. It is essential that you flex and stretch your knees before every workout session in order to award them a proper warm up they will need to keep blood moving efficiently through surrounding muscles and joints. Warming up your knees before working out not only improves your workout performance,...

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How to clean your knee protectors Knee Protection Guide

Whether you use them regularly in biking, skateboarding, basketball or other contact sports, your knee protectors get subjected to some pretty heavy treatment. Over time they can begin to smell really, really bad – if you are starting to notice a particular odor coming from the boot of your car or your sports bag, then this may well be the reason why. If so, then...

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Different types of sports where knee pads are useful Knee Protection Guide

Knee pads are incredibly useful for any sports where there is a great risk of falling on your knees or damaging the knees in any other ways. As there are several sporting activities that are known as common causes for knee-related injuries, knee pads are useful protectors for all athletes who are involved with such sports. As different sports have different needs, the knee pads...

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What are knee pads for work and where are they used? Knee Protection Guide

Though knee pads are usually worn by athletes and used for recreational purposes, there are many occupations where knee pads have an important role when it comes to employee safety and safety equipment. Similarly to any other knee pads, the main purpose of using knee pads for working is to protect the knees from the stress and impact it might need to endure while kneeling...

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What are tactical knee pads and where are they used? Knee Protection Guide

Tactical knee pads are special type of knee pads that we can commonly see as a part of military uniform or police gear. These knee pads, also known simply as military knee pads, are much thicker, denser and durable as they are meant for occupations where one has to endure quite harsh conditions and has to put the body on constant stress. Not only are...

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How can knee pads help to save your knees while mountain biking? Knee Protection Guide

If you love adrenaline and hiking, then you are surely a fan of mountain biking as well. However, have you taken proper precautions and got yourself protective gear? Helmet is not the only protective accessory you should acquire – knee pads go hand in hand with this rather dangerous activity and luckily there are tons of great knee pads out there that are developed exactly...

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Knee supports for animals Knee Protection Guide

It may seem weird, but not only people need leg protection and support to prevent different injuries or further damages, but also animals. For these purposes special braces, pads and boots are used. Animals which are using such supports are horses, dogs, cats, llamas, orangutans and other animals. Animals which may benefit from the usage of braces, pads or boots commonly have injuries to lower...

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Knee protectors for extreme sports Knee Protection Guide

Extreme sports aren’t called that for no reason because only activities that involve a certain level of danger are counted as extreme sports, action sports or adventurous sports. But because there are risks and danger involved in these sports that no doubt is the thing that lures many into doing them in the first place also is the reason different protection gear should be worn...

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Knee supports for babies Knee Protection Guide

Not only adults, youth and children, but also babies need knee protection, especially during crawling and walking. Most popular knee supports for babies are knee pads which are intended for knee protection against different knee injuries, for example, bumps, bruises and abrasions which can be caused by sudden and direct blows and attrition. Babies get these knee injuries quite often, because, as we all now,...

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Most important features of knee protectors Knee Protection Guide

Knee protectors that also sometimes are called knee pads or knee guards are an essential thing to many people from athletes to construction workers because these knee protectors will keep their knees safe and intact even if they do receive a blow to their knees or need to spend long time crawling on their knees. So it is important that these knee protectors inhere multiple...

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