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My knees crack when bending. Should I be worried? Knee Health

If you have ever experienced any knee-noises like crackling, clicking or popping you might have wondered whether it is a sign of something being wrong with your knees or if you shouldn’t worry about it at all. There are several reasons behind this sensation and we are breaking down the background of these somewhat annoying sounds. The medical term describing these crunching feelings is crepitus...

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Why Do Your Knees Crack and How to Prevent It? Knee Health

It seems that everyone has experienced a situation when you duck or get up and your knees crack. However, if this happens often, you should start to worry and visit some specialist. If your knees are cracking, but there is no swelling or pain, you can relax, because most likely your problem is not so serious. Reasons of cracking may be different. Firstly, when we...

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