Why Do Your Knees Crack and How to Prevent It? Knee Health

It seems that everyone has experienced a situation when you duck or get up and your knees crack. However, if this happens often, you should start to worry and visit some specialist. If your knees are cracking, but there is no swelling or pain, you can relax, because most likely your problem is not so serious.

Reasons of cracking may be different. Firstly, when we get up, load on our knees changes. This load can blow up bubbles which are in synovial fluid which serves as natural lubricant of knees. It is also possible that this synovial fluid in knees is insufficient. The solution of this problem is increased consumption of water and other fluids, as well as periodical consumption of aspic which contains natural glucosamine. You can also use medicines which contain glucosamine. It is useful to take fat soluble vitamins K, E, D and A as well.

Another reason of cracking may be cartilage which wears as time goes on – knees stay less elastic, especially, if your lifestyle is not active enough. In this case the best solution is to increase physical activities, but do not exaggerate, otherwise physical activities may result in traumas and other damages of your knees. The most appropriate physical activities for cracking knees are gymnastics, swimming and yoga.

If your knees are not only cracking, but they are also painful, it may be a signal that you have an osteoarthritis. In case of osteoarthritis your knee tissues – cartilages, bone surfaces, ligaments, muscles, joint capsules and their pellicles can be damaged, causing knee pain. If you have pain in your knees, visit your doctor or some specialist who specializes in knee problems and treatment. Treatment usually includes pain relief medicines, physiotherapy and, if patient has excess weight, diet in order to reduce it. Pain may also signal about damage of meniscus. Tear or damage, if it is not strained, may heal itself, but if it causes long lasting pain, there may be a need for surgery.

There are some exercises for knee strengthening:

  • Hold on with your right hand to the back of a chair, wall or tree and focus your weight on your right leg. Slowly lift up and bend your left knee rearwards, so your foot is lifted up as high as possible. Then put down it. Perform this exercise 20 times with each leg.
  • Lean with both of your hands against a wall or some other base and put your left leg in front of your right leg. Leaning with hands, slowly perform lunges – bend your left knee and straighten your right leg behind your back, lowering it to the ground and pulling a little bit. Keep this position for 30 seconds and then repeat it with your left leg.
  • Distend your legs as wide as possible and stay stable on the ground. Keep your back straight, leaning hands on your knees, and duck, so leg creates 90-degree angle. Keep this position for 10 seconds. Perform this exercise for 10 times and then release your legs.

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