Best ACL Knee Braces Best

Accidents happen every now and then, whether we like it or not. Those who live passive lifestyles are not even immune to accidents talk more of those who don’t know when to stop.

ACL and PCL injuries are more common than you would think, especially among people who are involved in sporting activities whether professionally or as a hobby.

Mobility would have been such a hassle if our knees weren’t there or if they do not perform optimally.

This is where knee braces come in. They help to heal injured and weak knees and protect them from further injuries. ACL knee braces that are common among sports and agile people are worn to support the knee, particularly the patella, tendons, and ligaments.

What is an ACL knee brace and how does it work?

An ACL knee brace is a hinged brace that is designed to help recovery from a damaged ACL, especially after a surgery, and injuries to other knee ligaments. The brace can also be worn to help prevent such injuries in the first place.

Sometimes, severe knee injuries deform the knee such that it is obvious that the knee is not aligned anymore. An ACL brace can help realign the knee by guiding the joint back into position and help it move normally. This is why ACL knee braces are also effective for unstable knee ligaments.

ACL knee braces offer support to the knee by compressing it thereby reducing or preventing the knee from swelling.

Sometimes, due to an injury, we are unable to move the knee. This is often due to the brain losing awareness of where the knee is and how it moves. This phenomenon of the brain’s awareness of the knee is called proprioception.

The compression you get from ACL knee braces creates some friction against your knee which helps the brain become more aware of the knee. This ultimately promotes muscle movement which in turn helps you move your knee better and improve stability.

Types of ACL knee braces

There are different types of ACL knee braces that serve different purposes and are worn for different reasons. That said; most of these ACL braces can do a little of everything from reducing pain to aiding recovery, protection, and even arthritic support. The following are some specific types of ACL braces available.

Rehabilitative knee braces – These types of braces are effective for sports injuries. They can be combined with therapy for faster recovery. They are often worn after a surgery to the ligament and used to rehabilitate the injured knee until it is healed. These braces have adjustable bars on each side and have straps that hold them in place.

Prophylactic knee braces – These are braces that are often used to protect the anterior and posterior ligaments as well as the lateral collateral ligament. These types are common with sports people as they can also be used for sports injuries and stiff knees. They are often worn during training and workouts but can reduce performance if worn during a game. They are commonly designed to use unilateral or bilateral bars along with hinges.

Functional knee braces – These types are often worn after injuries to provide support and help the knee heal. Doctors prescribe different types of these braces depending on the severity of the injury. If you need a brace for more stability to your knee, these types are the ones you need. Players in sports that involve twisting, pivoting and jumping such as basketball will need these types of braces the most as they can help reduce the risk of getting injured.

What to consider before buying

First things first, you can just order an ACL knee brace just because you just had a surgery or you feel pains in your knees. However, you need to visit a professional to check it out and let you know exactly what the issue is.

After that, the exact type of brace to get will be prescribed to you. Even at that, the amount of knee brace options out there are so much you would probably get overwhelmed and confused. To spare you from such an eventuality, here are some of the things you might want to consider when getting an ACL knee brace.

Sizing – This is one of the most common complaints you will hear concerning knee braces. Even though manufacturers always include a sizing chart along with their marketing details, most people still get it wrong. Either the sizing is wrong compared to what you actually get or some buyers aren’t just patient enough to get it right.

The thing about an ACL knee brace is that the sizing must be precise for you to get all the benefits the brace has to offer. This is why it is so important to get the sizing right. One of the best ways to do that is to follow the measurement instructions from the manufacturer and then compare your measurements with the sizing chart to determine which size is perfect for you.

What you need an ACL brace for – People wear ACL braces for different reasons so it is important that you know yours. Even though most ACL knee braces serve a few different functions, some are more suited for certain conditions than others.

So, depending on your condition, you might want to pay extra attention to how the brace is designed and what major function it serves. If you get an ACL brace that caters mainly to your condition, you will surely get more value for your money than buying one that does a little bit of everything.

Materials – You should also pay attention to the material the ACL brace is made of. This is important for those that have allergies. A lot of ACL braces are made of neoprene of different qualities. Some are combined with Lycra material and some with latex. Imagine a user who is allergic to latex using an ACL brace made of neoprene and latex. It won’t be long before they visit the hospital again, only that this time they won’t be seeing an orthopedist.

Some materials also cause excessive sweating and skin irritation. Most manufacturers often indicate that the use of the brace must be discontinued if such is noticed. You might want to look out for ACL knee braces that have a lining that wicks away sweat so that your knee remains nice and dry even after long use.

With the information we have provided, you should now be able to decide on the type of ACL knee brace that will be best for you. Keep reading to see our list of great ACL braces that will work best for your situation.

DonJoy Performance Bionic ACL Knee Brace

  • Manufacturer – Don Joy
  • Materials – Neoprene/li]
  • Size – Small, Medium, Large, Extra large
  • Age group – all age groups
  • Machine washable – No
  • Sold in pairs No
  • Colors –Black
  • Other features – Offers patella support

Don Joy is a leading brand in the performance sports industry. It designs and manufactures braces and support products that are infused with advanced technology. This is a brand that helps athletes take their game to a whole new level as it helps them prevent injuries and heal faster. With Don Joy products, they can focus on their training and in-game performance knowing they can confidently rely on the support they are getting.

The DonJoy Bionic Fullstop ACL Knee Brace is what you need if you want full support for your whole knee. Whatever sport you play, this ACL knee brace will give your knee all the support it needs without restricting your movement. It helps you prevent injuries and promotes muscle coordination.

This acl brace uses a Hinge technology that adopts the four-point leverage system which teaches the user, using the Hinge’s dampening cycle, to prevent the “at risk” position. Your knee will suffer hyperextension at 170 degrees which is why the Hinge’s dampers become engaged once it reaches 145 degrees causing a full stop. That is one way this acl brace for sports helps the user prevent injuries.

This acl knee support is designed to help treat a number of injuries associated with the knee. It will also help to prevent these injuries and let them heal fast. Not anymore will a minor injury stop you from training. Once you have this knee brace on, you are clear for some good workout to keep your game up. This acl brace for sports offers compression that adequately grips your knee and also has heat regulation that prevents you from overheating.

This is one of the best knee braces for torn acl because once it gets into position on your knee, it stays there. This is not one of those that shift around. It uses an anti-migration technology and adjustable straps to make sure the brace stays in position regardless of your movements. The brand is aware that if the brace slips out of place, you become exposed to injuries and it will also distract you too often to perform your best. This is why the brand has gone an extra mile to prevent such an outcome.

It is easy to put on and comfortable to keep on. You can even wear it underneath your pants without being obvious. That way, you can continue to get protection and heal throughout the day.


  • It uses anti-migration technology to keep the brace in position
  • It uses hinge dampeners to help the user avoid hyperextension
  • It is easy to use and comfortable on the leg
  • It helps to prevent injuries and promote healing
  • It works great for both knees


  • There are no serious issues with this product but be sure to get the right size for maximum protection

Bio Skin Gladiator Knee Brace

  • Manufacturer – Bio Skin
  • Materials – Hypoallergenic fabric
  • Size – cAvailable in 6 sizes
  • Weight – 14.1 ounces
  • Age group – all
  • Sold as single
  • Color – Black
  • Machine washable – No
  • Other features –Adjustable protection

Bio Skin is a brand that designs and manufactures premium braces to help you achieve comfort and better manage injuries. Its products are specially designed with the help of the most qualified scientists and medical personnel. If you combine that with the premium materials it uses to make its products, you will understand the level of quality Bio Skin braces have.

Have you been having issues with the materials most braces are made of? A lot of braces are made of Neoprene and latex which some people are allergic to. Bio Skin understands that those people might need braces too. So it went further than its competitors to use premium materials that are hypoallergenic to make its products so that everybody can benefit from them. This is the type of action you can expect from a brand that is fully committed to people.

The Bio Skin Gladiator Knee Brace is a hinged knee brace that protects you and also helps you heal from all sorts of knee injuries, including knee instability. It will also help you heal fast from any knee injury you may have. This is an ideal patellofemoral knee brace you can use after a knee arthroscopy. This is a 15-inch long mcl brace with a frontal closure that covers your entire knee area, offering protection and healing.

One of the best parts of this hinged knee brace is that you can control the amount of protection you get so you can get the precise level of protection for your condition. The strapping system has a hinge that lets you control the extension and flexion of your knee. This allows you to get the optimum output from your knee without escalating the injury.

This torn acl brace has four Velcro straps that you can use to adjust the extent of compression you get from it. It also ensures that the brace stays in place and not slip around, distracting you and exposing you to injuries. The Visco gel ring that surrounds your patella will help to decrease swelling and pain which further lets you feel more comfortable wearing this pcl knee brace.

This is a product that is well trusted by many sporting franchises to help their athletes prevent injuries and improve their performance. It is also often used to help them recover from injuries. This is also an ideal knee brace after surgery.


  • It uses hypoallergenic materials which is suitable for everyone
  • This premium acl knee support is available in different sizes
  • It treats knee injuries and also helps prevent them
  • It can be used for many different sports or even worn underneath everyday clothing


  • It might be a bit tricky to wear but once you get used to it, it becomes easy

MARNUR Knee Brace With Plastic Hinges

  • Manufacturer – Marnur
  • Materials – Breathable fabric
  • Age group – All
  • Machine washable – No
  • Sold in pairs No
  • Knee pad weight– 11.4 ounces
  • Colors – black
  • Other features – Comes with two flexible plastic hinges

Marnur manufactures premium body care products that cut across different categories. With advancements in technology, which it takes advantage of by implementing in its products, it has been able to proffer practical solutions to many daily issues. It is also committed to quality and performance which you will not fail to see in all products that carry its name.

Have you gone in for surgery on your knee and you need something to help you heal fast or you suffer from arthritis which restricts your movement? Is yours a case of a patella that’s just unstable? If any of these is what you are going through then the MARNUR Knee Brace will offer you succor from your ailments. This is also a good brace to wear if you want to prevent injuries as it prevents undue pressure from reaching your knee.

This knee brace for acl injury is made of lightweight, elastic and breathable materials that give you a natural feeling of warmth when you wear it. This heat promotes blood circulation around your knee, helping to avoid numbness in that area. It is also designed with breathable perforations which help to wick away sweat which in turn discourages the buildup of bacteria that causes odor. That way, your brace will remain fresh even after long use and your knee will be free of irritants.

Some knee braces make their presence known by restricting how you move but this one is designed to be ergonomic and conforms to your leg. It also features 2 hinges which follow your movement and lets you move however you want while still offering you maximum support. The Velcro strap lets you adjust the level of compression you feel while you have this brace on. You can also adjust the Velcro strap to suit your size as it is designed as one size fits many.

This brace has neoprene padding that surrounds the patella, helping it keep the kneecap firmly in place. This provides the needed cushion against pressures that can cause discomfort and injuries to the knee during training and workouts.

You can wear this brace during training and workouts as well as with everyday wears. For those that need to wear it to treat different ailments or are recovering from surgery, you can keep it on as it won’t interfere with your clothing. This brace also won’t stop you from carrying out your regular activities.


  • It helps to relieve pains and promotes recovery from different injuries to the knee
  • It is ergonomically designed to be comfortable
  • It does not restrict natural movements yet offers protection
  • It can be worn during training, games and regular activities


  • There are no issues with this product but be careful not to get the sizing wrong

Spuitom Compression Knee Brace

  • Manufacturer – Spuitom
  • Materials – Neoprene and Lycra
  • Age group – adults
  • Machine washable – No
  • Sold in pairs No
  • Weight 10.2 ounces
  • Other features – Open patella design

Spuitom is a sports brand that is focused on outdoor activities. With focus comes consistent performance and excellence which is exactly what this brand represents. It designs and manufactures high-quality braces and other body support products. The performance of its products is what endears it to its users and make them keep coming back for more. You will be doing yourself some good service to patronize this brand.

If you are looking for the best knee brace for torn acl, this is one of them. It offers some compression support for your knee and is a great option if you have an unstable patella or are healing from a previous injury. Even if you are just trying to prevent one, this Spuitom Compression Knee Brace is what you need. It is made of Lycra and Neoprene materials which have been designed to help wick away moisture from your knee. With the reduction of moisture between the brace and your knee, you won’t develop irritation and the odor that comes with wearing a brace.

The material also provides a cushioning effect on your knee and absorbs pressure. It also compresses and heats up your knee area which both stimulates blood flow and offers therapeutic healing. It also has an open patella design which keeps the kneecap in place and reduces stress on the joint, resulting in relief of chronic pains from arthritis, strains and unstable patella. There is also a double padding that encircles your kneecap. It is called a stabilizer ring; its job is to prevent the kneecap from moving awkwardly which is what often causes injury. This padded ring is especially useful for any user who is suffering from an unstable patella.

This mcl knee brace features a bilateral metal hinge support which is ergonomically designed to bend at the same angle as the knee. This design results in superior protection to the knee and also helps you move freely with less pain. With this product, you can continue practicing your favorite sports all you want with the assurance that you are well covered.

This brace can be worn by a male or female and can be used on the left or right knee with no loss of efficacy. The Velcro strap on this brace helps keep it from slipping and can also be used to adjust the size. It is important to get the sizing right so you can receive the maximum support the brace has to offer.


  • It is ideal for recovery and pain relief
  • It is made of premium materials that make it both comfortable and effective
  • It can be used on either knee and by male or female users
  • It is ergonomically designed for maximum protection and support


  • You won’t have any issues with this product except you got the wrong size which the manufacturer will be happy to change in such a case

Neo G Hinged Knee Brace

  • Manufacturer – Neo G
  • Materials – Neoprene
  • Age group – adults
  • Machine washable – No
  • Sold as single
  • Color – black
  • Weight– 1.2 pounds
  • Other features – Universal size design

Neo G is a top-level brand that creates superior quality, dynamic, and premium medical grade products that offer orthopedic support. It has a group of orthopedic professionals that designs and manufactures its products to specification. This is why it has consistently been successful in treating and preventing orthopedic ailments. This is a brand that knows its onions and sincerely cares about its customers which is why it puts in every effort to offer only the best and most effective products at all times.

The Neo G Hinged Knee Brace is the way to go if you need pre or post-surgery support, are healing from an injury, have a weak or arthritic knee, etc. If you live an active lifestyle and you need support on the go, this is a good brace to go for. It can easily be worn under your regular clothing and you can also keep it on when you want to train or do your workouts.

It is made with premium therapeutic neoprene material which heats up the joint and the muscles causing blood to circulate. It also helps to reduce pain and swelling in your knee. It is medically engineered to give you relief from arthritis; tendon and ligament injuries. This is why it is one of the best braces for acl tear.

This torn acl brace is medical grade as it is registered internationally as a Class 1 medical device with the authority of prestigious medical organizations in the US, Canada and the UK. This shows how much quality is put into this knee brace for acl tear. You won’t be exaggerating at all to consider this product the best acl knee brace. This is one of the reasons orthopedic doctors will recommend this knee brace after acl surgery and also because of its pain-relieving ability.

The unique part of this knee brace is that it uses a Variable Compression System which allows you adjust the hinges for superior movement and fit. The dial on the side of this brace allows you set the flexion and extension between the range of -10 to 120 degrees. This will reduce the strain on your tendons and ligaments which makes it the best brace support you can use for an unstable patella.

This brace is easy to wear as you just need to slip your leg in it like you would when wearing your pants and wrap it around your knee. Fasten the Velcro strap to a good fit then you can adjust the dial to the level of compression you want. This brace is compatible with the Hot and Cold therapy, also by Neo G.


  • It is made with premium medical neoprene
  • It uses an open knee design which provides firm support to the entire knee
  • It uses a variable compression system which lets you adjust the hinges
  • It has a universal design that can fit both the left and right knee


  • The Velcro straps seem a little too flimsy

Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter

  • Manufacturer – Shock Doctor
  • Materials – Neoprene
  • Size – Available in 6 sizes
  • Weight – 1 pound
  • Age group – adults
  • Machine washable – No
  • Sold in pairs No
  • Color – black
  • Other features– Uses bilateral hinges

Shock Doctor is a global leading brand in sports performance and protection. Its innovative designs and well engineered protective gear have been helping tons of athletes all over the world have a competitive edge over their rivals. With its consistency and commitment to excellence, this brand has come to be trusted by both rookie and veteran sportsmen and women.

The Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter is just as its name implies. It offers full support to your knees to better manage the pain and aid your movement. This brace is great to help heal and prevent PCL/ACL injuries, hyperextension, patella instability, ligament sprains, medial/lateral instability, and many other forms of injuries that might afflict your knee area.

This knee brace for torn acl uses N-Tex Airflow with vented neoprene which helps to wick moisture away from your knee. This reduces the accumulation of sweat, thus lowering your chances of getting an irritation and preventing bacterial buildup that will cause odors. This will keep you comfortable for the duration you will need to keep this on. The padded neoprene also offers compression and therapeutic warmth which ensures blood flow to your muscles and aids the healing process.

Merely looking at this acl knee brace, you will notice it is a bit bent. This is not a defect, by no means, it is actually an anatomical design which provides a superior fit, extra comfort and helps stabilize and heal your patella, ligaments, and unstable joints. The 4-way Lycra mesh at the back of the knee is elastic, creating room for a comfortable flex and extension and also aiding ventilation.

With the use of the bilateral hinges, your knee is in for some serious protection and improved performance. The patent-pending X-Fit strap wraps around your knee and secures the hinges in place thereby optimizing stability whenever there is a flex. This brace is also bio-neurologically designed to identify potential stress to your knee and it signals the muscles to contract and protect themselves. This is one of the ways this mcl knee brace helps the user to prevent injuries.

The manufacturer warns that this product should not be used as a replacement for treatment. It suggests that you consult a doctor first and have them assess your situation so they can proffer a viable solution.


  • It uses quality materials to create the superior performance this brace has to offer
  • It uses bilateral hinges which are held in place by a top quality Velcro strap
  • It is effective for healing and preventing injuries
  • This acl tear brace is bio-neurologically enhanced to detect potential stress


  • Sizing is an issue with a product like this but if you take your time to measure and compare with the manufacturer’s sizing chart, you should get it right

DonJoy Playmaker II Knee Support Brace

  • Manufacturer – DJO Global Inc.
  • Materials – Nylon/Spandex; Neoprene
  • Size – XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Age group – adults and youth
  • Machine washable – Yes
  • Sold in pairs No
  • Color – black
  • Weight – 1.2 pounds
  • Other features – Available in 6 different styles.

DJO Global Inc. is a joint venture between two orthopedic support companies that have established a reputation with years of supplying quality medical products to chiropractors, podiatrists and athletic trainers. The combination of these two giant companies in 2007 has given room to 11 years of manufacturing innovative products with immersive functionality for its users. Most users of DJO products commend the thoughtfulness invested in each product in ensuring that it is unique and tailored for specific functions. The strongest points of the company are its customer service and large distribution network which makes its products easily and readily available to customers.

The DonJoy Playmaker II Knee Support Brace is one of such innovative products with a good number of positive feedbacks from its users. The first feature to note about this brace is that it comes in 6 different styles. This means that you can choose which one is most convenient for you. For instance, there is the sleeve and the wrap-around brace and each of them either come with the Patella Donut or without it.

The Patella Donut helps to keep a dislocated kneecap in place and provides compression to the patellar. You can also have it in Neoprene or spacer materials. What this means is that you have a variety of options to pick which suits you best without being limited to a selected style. It also comes in various sizes ranging from XS to XXL; no matter your size, there’s something for you.

The brace is easy to put on and pull off, especially if you are using the wrap-around design. You just pull off the Velcro closures and open the brace up. The sleeves may be harder to wear but they are elastic and can easily expand for you to pull off (However, the sleeves have a tighter fit for the knees). In as much as they don’t come in pairs, they can, however, fit either knee, whether left or right.

You do not have to worry about this brace dragging on your wears as the hinges and brackets are parallel and they come together at the knee. The Hi10 is also a huge advantage for this brace. It’s a nylon/spandex fabric that is comfortable and provides warmth. The sleeves are made of neoprene which makes for the snug fit.


  • It is available in different styles and sizes
  • The wrap-around design is easy to put on and pull off
  • The sleeves have a tighter comfortable fit
  • It is made of comfortable and warm Hi10 fabric


  • Some customers complained about the brace bunching up behind the knee but this can be corrected when you get the right size, that fits

DISUPPO Dual Hinged Knee Brace

  • Manufacturer – DISUPPO
  • Materials – Lycra Neoprene
  • Size – M, 3XL-4XL, 5XL-6XL
  • Age group – adults
  • Machine washable – Yes
  • Sold as single
  • Color – black
  • Other features – Dual Hinged

In the 6 years of its existence, DISUPPO has made a positive dent in the orthopedic world with its range of products that provide support for arthritis, rheumatoid, clavicle and hunch back deformations, etc. It ensures that all its products are true representations of the name DISUPPO, which is coined from “different support”.

These products do not only support the ailment for which they are made for, they also provide comfort and good functionality. Its products range from abdominal binders to knee braces, clavicle supports, compression gloves and other orthopedic support products. It prides itself in the trust it has built from incorporating feedbacks gotten from clients and medical personnel who make use of its products. When you purchase a DISUPPO product, you are purchasing trust.

Let’s look at the DISUPPO Dual Hinged Knee Brace and see if it garners the trust that DISUPPO sells. Let’s start with the name which is derived from the double aluminum hinges which support the braces. These hinges are removable, and their major function is to reduce lateral movement of the knee thereby stabilizing the knee. When using this brace, it keeps the outer part of the knee in place and reduces the friction that comes from aggravating activities such as running or climbing the stairs. These hinges are also bidirectional, they can be locked on the left or the right, depending on which hand is your predominant hand.

Another feature that endears this brace to its users is the adjustability of the knee pads. What this simply means is that the brace can be adjusted to take the shape of the patella which makes the knee pads fit effortlessly to the different shapes of the kneecap. This also helps in injury recovery since it improves lateral and medial stability.

The lycra neoprene fabric makes it comfortable to the skin. It’s breathable and also provides warmth to help with the movement of the knee joints. This also means that you can comfortably use it for your routine exercises and daily use because it does not absorb sweat or moisture. It can be easily cleaned in the washing machine and air dried.

DISUPPO gives you a 90-day money back guarantee when you purchase this brace. Nothing backs a product like a guarantee. It goes to show that the manufacturers trust that with the product, you get what you expect. What were we saying about selling trust earlier?


  • It has 2 bidirectional removable aluminum hinges that help reduce lateral movement of the kneecap
  • The knee pads are adjustable, and they easily fit into the shapes of the kneecap
  • It is made of breathable and comfortable lycra neoprene fabric
  • It is machine washable but should be air dried


  • There might be some issues with sizing as it does not cover a wide range of sizes. Check to see that your size is available

Mueller Sports Medicine Hinged Knee Brace

  • Manufacturer – Mueller Sports
  • Size – one size fits all
  • Age group – adults and youth
  • Machine washable – No
  • Sold in pairs No
  • Other features – Antimicrobial

Mueller Sports calls itself ‘sports medicine’ and it will be easy to agree with it when you look at what they have accomplished in over 50 years of existence. It has followed every innovation and adjustment that comes with athletes, whether hobby athletes or superstars (it has geared up some renown athletes in their heyday). Its unique selling point is that every product that is released into the market is first tested by athletes who in turn give their feedback on what needs to be adjusted or improved on. These feedbacks are incorporated into the product before they are launched. Mueller Sports Medicine is a brand that you are sure to get quality that is your money’s worth.

The Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace is a self-adjusting brace that provides maximum support for medial-lateral stability. In simple terms, it has to crisscross elastic bands above and below your kneecaps. These elastic bands make for the self-adjustment of the braces at every movement that you make. This feature also makes for a perfect fit. This is one reason this brace comes in ‘one size fits most’. No matter your size, you can use this brace and only adjust the straps to fit. So, you do not have to bother about size charts and measurements (It fits mostly 13-21 inches diameter). The aluminum hinges are also spring loaded, and they offer some resistance while you are putting it on. The hinges go into 2 different pockets that can serve as either S/M or L/XL.

If you are concerned about this brace retaining sweat and end up giving out offensive odors, you must be the reason Mueller put in the antimicrobial treatment feature. The fabric has been treated such that even if the braces absorb sweat, the offensive odor is controlled. Come to think of it, it is also easy to clean. You are advised to hand wash and air dry; no bleaching, no dry cleaning, no fabric softener and no ironing. It is that easy to keep clean. This brace also comes with an open back which means that there are no fears of the fabric bunching up during movement or during use.

One good perk of this product is its affordability. You get good quality at an affordable price.

As for flexibility, the brace scores a high point and hence can be worn for some easy sporting activities like running, tennis, basketball, etc. It can also be easily worn under your jeans for daily use.


  • It has elastic straps which makes it self-adjusting
  • It comes in ‘one size fits most’
  • The material has antimicrobial treatment which controls odors
  • It is easy to clean by handwashing and air drying
  • It is pocket-friendly


  • These braces may not be convenient for contact sport and rough use

Mcdavid Knee Brace

  • Manufacturer – McDavid
  • Materials – Latex-free neoprene
  • Size – S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Color – Black
  • Age group – adults / youth
  • Sold in pairs No
  • Weight 2 pounds
  • Other features – Perforated back panel

Since almost 50 years of setting up operations, McDavid has grown from the knee-guard company which it was at the time of inception to a brand renowned for products that are highly recommended by sports medicine professionals, pro athletes, and athlete trainers. With its product range covering ankle sleeves, arm sleeves, compression shorts and other body protection gear, it is safe to safe to say that McDavid indeed knows its onions when it comes to sports medicine and athlete support. The brand also has a patented technology with which it designs its compression products. This is an endorsement of what it does and it cannot be found elsewhere.

Little wonder the McDavid Knee Brace Patellar Tendon Support is a highly rated product. Its polycentric hinge is what sets it apart from every other knee brace around. The polycentric hinge makes for a firm support on the sides of the kneecap, unlike other braces where you have just the fabric around the knee. This is also backed by the seamless perforated back which provides more comfort and ensures that the braces do not bunch up during use.

This brace has a level 3 rating which is interpreted as having medium to maximum protection and support. This makes it ideal for correcting medial collateral ligament (MCL) and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. Coupled with the thermal compression therapy provided by the neoprene fabric, this is a brace that prevents hyperextension and the kneecap is kept in place by the padded buttresses. The edges of the material are bounded thereby preventing irritation of the skin.

If you will be using this brace for more than 3 hours, ensure that you use it with a sleeve to avoid any irritations that may arise from the tight fitting. This is what you get from a fully functional brace which is reputed to stop pains as soon as it is worn.

The outer layer of these braces is lined with heavy-duty nylon fabric which makes it more durable than most knee braces in the market and the most interesting feature is that you can have all these amazing features in a knee brace that you can purchase without breaking the bank.


  • It has polycentric hinges which provide better support for the kneecap
  • The perforated back panel provides more comfort and prevents bunching
  • It has a level-3 support and protection rating
  • It is made of latex-free neoprene fabric which provides the thermal/compression therapy that prevents hyperextension
  • The padded buttresses help to keep the kneecap in place
  • The bounded edges prevent irritation to the skin
  • The outer nylon fabric makes it more durable
  • It is affordable


  • It is not ideal for all day use as the thermal/compression therapy may make it uncomfortable after some hours of use

Well done on getting this far. We know it can be a lot of information to take in but you will agree that it was good information. It is our hope that with all you have learned from the buying guide and the long detailed list of trusted products we presented, you will find it easy to select the best ACL brace for your particular need.

Mathew Foster

I am Mathew Foster – an enthusiast of sports who not only regularly practices different sports, but also has a deep interest in it.

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