7 Symptoms That Bay Be Signs of Bone Cancer Knee Health

Bone cancer can be diagnosed in two completely different ways – in situations when a malignant tumor is forming inside of bone and in situations when cancer cells in a form of metastasis from other organ are spreading to bones.

When malignant tumor is developing, cancer cells with flow of blood and lymph get in other organs, forming secondary tumor. One of the most common metastatic cancer types is bone cancer. Those patients who have breast, lung or prostate cancer are in higher risk group. Metastatic cancer can be cured, reducing pain and preventing further complications, while primary tumor has to be discovered as soon as possible, preventing further development. That is why you should pay attention to your body warnings and visit a specialist.

Pain of bones

The most common symptom for people who suffer from bone cancer is chronic pain of bones. There may be also complaints about pain in places that are affected with metastasis or about pain that is difficult to localize. The intensity of pain may vary – sensations may be weak and periodical or severe and permanent.


In the case of primary bone cancer tumor is located inside of bone, causing inflammation. In this case patient can observe swelling or unusual tenderness in affected area.

Bone fractures

Bones that are affected by cancer turn noticeably weaker so that even small trauma or pressure can cause a fracture. Also condition of those bones that are located near to affected organ can worsen.

Rapid weight loss

Like other types of malignant tumors, also bone cancer can cause rapid and unexplainable weight loss. If you have not changed your daily habits and menu, weight loss may be one of early signs of cancer. Pay attention to decreased appetite and indigestions like constipation as well.


Also chronic weakness and low energy level is symptom that is characteristic to all types of cancer. If you constantly feel tired, and you do not feel relaxed even after healthy sleep, visit your doctor and carry out the needed analysis. Remember that tiredness may be a sign of many different illnesses most of which can be easily prevented.


Anemia is condition that can be characterized by reduced iron in the body. This condition often signals about other health problems, which have encouraged this condition. If the body, fighting with cancer, excessively produces white blood cells and reduces production of red blood cells, anemia may develop.

Sleep disorders

Pain of bone cancer may become severer during sleep, therefore, patient has sleep disorders, it cannot sleep and regularly wakes up.

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