The Right Compress for Aching Joints Knee Health

If you suffer from joint pain, treating your joints with compress which is appropriate for actual season means reducing pain, improving metabolism and blood supply or, in one word, healing your joints.

  • In summer the most appropriate are compresses of thistle, plantain, elecampane, lilac, willow and birch, which are perfect for usage in sauna, but they are great in any other conditions as well. You can use also horseradish leaves, but you have to be careful – brunettes, most likely, will be excited about their effect, but blonds might get even ulcers.
  • In winter joints love cabbage leaves, pulp of boiled potatoes or sour milk of Tibetan milk mushroom. If you have elbow or knee pain, compress of kefir or sour milk of Tibetan milk mushroom can help because everything that is sour operates withdrawing – the liquid becomes a cheese pancake, but an inflammation from joint has disappeared.
  • If you suffer from chronic pain and your joints are motionless, stiff, and crunchy, procedures that are performed in warmth can help. But if an inflammation is acute – the joint is hot and redness – , do not warm your joints. Illnesses like these have to be cured with cool. When blood vessels narrow, edema and excess heat also reduce.
  • Inflamed joints that suffer from polyarthritis can be cured with bag that is full of pearl barley or peas from the fridge – a compress like this reduces pain. Do not put an ice on your joints because it can damage your skin and deeper tissues.
  • Some herbs and plants may cause an allergic reaction, therefore before you put any compress on your joint, smear it with some ointment which is meant for joint health. It applies particularly to the use of dried fern leaves. When they are green, they never cause skin burns, but when they are dried and then revived with water, such reaction is possible. However, macerated and preheated elecampane leaves are great product for treatment of radiculitis. Equally effective are steamed lilac leaves. Both green and macerated bitter plants have anaesthetizing effect – yarrow, mugwort, and wormwood.
  • Compresses with comfrey are great against joint inflammation and bone pain. You can use juice of leaves, decoction, fresh or boiled root as well as an ointment that is made from comfrey.
  • In cases of dislocations and fractures pulp of wormwood leaves relieves pain and enhances healing.
  • In the case of osteochondrosis you can try compress that is soaked in extract of medical alcohol, camphor alcohol, and red peppers. Leave these components for 7 days, soak the compress in this liquid, fold the compress and put it on your problem zones. Compress like this relieves pain and deeply heats.
  • Against pain that is caused by osteochondrosis and old scars use mixture of aloe juice, honey, and vodka.

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