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If you are not very keen on using Western medicine or you just wouldn’t like to see a doctor after getting a mild knee pain, you can cheer up since there are many home remedies for dealing with knee pain. These simple methods are natural, budget-friendly and very easy so you don’t have to worry about having too much hassle.

Here are the most common home treatments that have proven to be effective for treating knee pain:

  1. Use RICE-method after injury – The acronym „RICE“ stands for 4 words: rest, ice, compression, elevation. Firstly, put a bag of ice on the injured spot – even frozen vegetables will do the trick. Wrap the knee with a bandage to compress it and rest a bit while having your leg elevated. This simple treatment can treat the pain caused by smaller injuries, like twisted leg or strained knee as the cold will reduce the blood flow to the injured area, so it will decrease swelling and ease the pain.
  2. Use ginger – As weird as it might seem, the common flu-fighter can help to ease knee pain as well, all thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory components. On top of relieving pain, it can also reduce swelling. To use ginger for your knee pain, take a fresh ginger root and boil it in one cup of water for 10 minutes. Afterwards, strain it and add a bit of honey and lemon juice if you’d like. You can drink a couple of cups daily until the pain is gone.
  3. Use lemon – Similarly to its’ friend ginger, lemon has proven to be effective even for reducing pain caused by arthritis thanks to the citric acid. Besides drinking lemon water, you can tie some lemon pieces in a cotton cloth, dip those in sesame oil and hold the cloth on the knee for a couple of minutes.
  4. Use tumeric or Cayenne pepper – Some of the best remedies for knee pain are our commonly used spices like Cayenne pepper. The pain relieving effect comes from capsaicin which gives you a warm sensation, hence reducing pain. All you have to do is to mix two tablespoons of pepper with warm olive oil and rub the mix on your knee. Tumeric is another asset – containing curcumin, it has anti-inflammatory affect. Some researches have also shown that tumeric may even slow down rheumatoid arthritis. If you’d like to try tumeric, just mix it together with ground ginger, boil these in water for ten minutes, add some honey and drink it twice a day until you are feeling better.

While home treatment can definitely ease the pain, reduce swelling and stiffness, it cannot fight with chronic medical conditions, especially if the condition would need to be treated with surgery – home treatment can help you manage the pain but it cannot treat the underlying cause. Take these home remedies as useful supportive methods that can relieve the pain but if the pain keeps on coming back, you should consult with a doctor for finding a treatment.

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