How to treat bruises and abrasions on your kids knees? Knee Health

Children fall down a LOT. No matter how carefully you are trying to ensure complete safety for your little ones, it is no secret that they always manage to find a way to get some bruises or abrasions, especially on the knees. These small injuries are absolutely normal and there is no need to panic if your kid gets some bruises once in a while but at the same time it is essential to know exactly how to treat these injuries quickly at home.

We are sharing some great tips and home remedies for treating the minor injuries your kids knees might get during playing or being active.

  1. Clean the injury. This one applies to only cuts and abrasions but whenever there is a little bleeding, it needs cleaning. Just rinse it with cool water so you get rid of any dirt there might be. In case there are some pieces that are visible in the wound, you need to get these fragments out with tweezers. You don’t need to clean the wound with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or anything else like that – good old water and mild soap will do the trick. Of course don’t forget to treat your child with a lollipop afterwards.
  2. Ice it. If the knee has bruising, put an ice pack on it to reduce swelling and pain. At the same time, your kid can lie down and the knee should be elevated above heart level, so you can just put some pillows under the leg. It is a good idea to take it slow for a bit so don’t let your child to get overly active after injuring the knee.
  3. Use bandage but carefully. If you are dealing with a bleeding wound you should dress the injury with a bandage after you have cleaned it thoroughly. Avoid putting the bandage too tightly as it may cut off the circulation and cause even more worries. To ensure the bandage wouldn’t stick to the skin, apply some ointment first. Remember that the bandage should be changed every day and allow the injury to get some fresh air so it would heal quicker.
  4. Use lavender oil and Aloe Vera. Lavender oil helps to keep the wound clean and heal the injured area much faster. Just mix together some thyme tea and a few frops of the lavender oil, then apply that on the injury a few times per day. Fresh Aloe Vera leaf is another great help. Just cut the leaf so you can see a gel-like mixture and apply that on the injury.
  5. Use antibacterial ointment. Applying ointment can also help with avoiding infection, it keeps the injured area moist and helps to heal quicker.

In case the injury doesn’t get any better withing 24 hours it would be wise to contact a doctor to see if there are any more severe injuries that need medical attention. Fortunately, bruises and abrasions are treatable at home almost on all cases and it doesn’t take more than a bit of relaxing and some care.

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