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Both young and old people increasingly suffer from joint pain. What is the cause of this pain – motionless lifestyle, malnutrition or, in stark contrast, overdone physical activities? And what we have to do to protect ourselves from these unpleasant sensations?

Eating habits and dietary supplements

Correct and balanced diet, which is not lacking vitamins, minerals, fiber, and fluids, has great importance in health maintenance and restoration throughout our lives. But in the case of joint diseases change of eating habits, unfortunately, will not help. As a complement to medical treatment or prevention process can be dietary supplements. For example, fish oil – omega 3 fatty acid-containing complex is great for skeletal health as well as for nervous and cardiovascular upkeep. It is recommended to use rosehip powder as well – scientists, studying its effectiveness in the treatment of osteoarthritis, have found out that fruits and seeds of specially bred wild rosehip has curative – anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Also lime is very useful in maintenance of bone health, but it is recommended to use it under medical supervision in the form of special cure. Glucosamine is good for joint health, however, if the joints are affected by deformation or serious illness, it is naive to hope that a few capsules of dietary supplements will be able to eliminate this problem. In general, the preventive use of supplements or combination with other methods within course of treatment may serve positive results. Also the age when a course of treatment is started matters. Elderly bodies have slower regeneration process, and it must be taken into account. Moreover, since the joints are isolated, active substances are necessary at high levels, and they must be used in the long term in order to reach the joints.

Movements for joint health

Usually people start to change their lifestyle and habits only when they face first health problems or because of doctor’s recommendation. But to prevent unpleasant joint problems, preventive measures are very important. On of these measures, which is actual for sedentary job workers – correctly set up workplace, comfortable chair, table of appropriate height, position of computer etc. Prolonged sitting must be compensated with movements. At least once in a half an hour or hour stand up and walk for couple of minutes. If it is necessary, stretch your muscles.

It is positive that a lot of people have understood that in our free time we can do so many things and different physical activities in order to improve our health rather than nap on sofa and watch TV. However, apportionment of physical activities must be even. Nowadays physical jobs are increasingly replaced with sedentary jobs, therefore, it is important to think how we can stretch our legs so that it is not a shock for our bodies. Too rapid change of physical activities is not desirable, and the most important is quality, not quantity.

Physical activities in the gym will be appropriate for those who suffer from lack of time, as in the gym whole body is loaded in a very short time. Those who have just started have to remember that it is necessary to start with little load in order to not overload the body. Before you start to do something, regardless of sporting discipline, you have to warm up. It is necessary to prepare your muscles not only for upcoming load, but also for wellness of joints.

Physical activities have to be done regularly all year long, and they cannot be seasonal. Of course, it is possible to vary as well to enjoy both swimming, which puts a great load on whole body, and skiing. Rides with horses are available all year long, which evenly and qualitatively loads whole body and, moreover, is useful both for prevention and elimination of health problems. One of the best training systems is yoga, which is path of physical and mental development. Also so called extreme sports are useful and desirable if they serve a joy. We have often heard that roller blading is very traumatic, especially among teenagers, but actually this is very great sport, which trains the body coordination and strengthens the muscle groups.

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I am Mathew Foster – an enthusiast of sports who not only regularly practices different sports, but also has a deep interest in it.

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