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McDavid is a company which is designing and marketing sports medicine, sports protection and performance apparel both for professional athletes and active people. In one word, McDavid is doing everything to prevent injuries and enhance performance during sports activities. Everything started in the year 1969, when company’s founder and namesake Dr. Robert F. McDavid created protective knee brace for football which became the first widely used product of McDavid, therefore in the year 1980 a company incorporated as McDavid Knee Guard Inc. Nowadays McDavid’s production is highly recommended for professional athletes, sports medicine professionals and athletic trainers all over the world, offering them sports medicine, sports protection and performance apparel.



In the last few years, thanks to leadership of company’s innovator and president Tom Lesosky, TommyCo has developed knee pads which are not only medically safe, but also environmentally friendly. During the last 25 years company has realized many unique projects which have made it a brand that associates with high quality innovative products and which products are often copied by other manufacturers because of it creativeness. TommyCo’s production has advantages such as environmental safety, medical grade, innovations, specialization and complete solutions for every product. We can surely say that TommyCo is the most popular knee pad supplier of Canada – it owns about 25% of worldwide market share of knee pads, it is the largest knee pads maker in North America and it has factories not only in Canada, but in overseas too.

damascus gear

Damascus Gear

Damascus Gear is a company which is founded in the year 1955 and which is manufacturing the highest quality personal protection for men and women all over the world, who are working in military or law enforcement area, offering them gloves and protective knee and elbow pads, and full body riot control gear. Damascus Gear is manufacturing a product line which currently features more than 100 different styles, focusing on head to toe non-ballistic protection and using only the finest quality leathers and materials which are available. Considering company’s experience of more than 60 years in designing and manufacturing a gear for military or law enforcement, Damascus Gear has the greater knowledge in the latest materials, design techniques and development, comparing it to other similar companies.



ASICS is an acronym, which is based in Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”, what means “A sound mind in a sound body” in English, therefore ASICS is trying to do everything to bring harmony both to the body and soul. ASICS mission is to become the best brand for sports professionals and amateurs, therefore it is trying to manufacture only the best products, by realizing its philosophy and believing that the best way to create a happy and healthy lifestyle is to promote fitness and health. Its story began in the year 1949, when Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka founded his athletic footwear company called Onitsuka Co., Ltd. In the beginning he were manufacturing basketball shoes, producing them out of his living room in Kobe (Japan). He changed company’s name to ASICS in the year 1977.



Mizuno is Japanese company which is founded in the year 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno. Mizuno is producing sportswear and sports equipment for volleyball, basketball, football, rugby, golf, tennis and table tennis, badminton, running, cycling, skiing, boxing, judo and athletics, becoming a global sportswear and sports equipment corporation. More than hundred years ago everything started with selling of baseballs and athletic wear at the shop called Mizuno Shop. Years later company started to manufacture baseballs and gloves, but in the year 1933 it presented Star Line which was the first golf club made by Japanese. After several years it changed its name to Mizuno Co., Ltd. During following years it signed sponsorship deals with many sports personalities from different sports. Nowadays Mizuno has operations centers all over the world.



Mueller Sports Medicine is family-owned and operated international sports medicine company which is founded in the year 1959 by Curt Mueller and offers a complete line of patented supports and braces, tapes and taping supplies, but it is not the end, because company is constantly continuing to introduce consumers with unique and innovative products all over the world. As Mueller knows the importance of excellence, pride and integrity, it combines these elements in the way they are manufacturing their production and running their business. Company is manufacturing a lot of different products, for example, analgesics, foot care, mouthguards, sunglasses, sports accessories, braces and supports, Quench gum, abrasion control / padding, bottles, carriers and coolers, elastic wraps, protective gear, underwrap, wound care and bandages, and a lot of other products.



Schwinn is an American iconic and a leading brand, which is founded in the year 1895 and which is manufacturing products such as bicycles, home and commercial fitness equipments, and recreation products. The company is on the forefront of fitness technology innovations field and, in addition, for many years Schwinn has been playing an indispensable role in revolutionizing bicycling and fitness all over the world. In one word, Schwinn has been helping to make cycling simple, easy and fun for everyone for more than 120 years. The company is producing not only bicycles, but exercise machines, scooters, baby carriages and other things, that are equipped with strollers, as well.

fox head

FOX Head

Fox Head is a company which is founded in the year 1974 by Geoff Fox, who started his business with distribution of motocross parts and accessories. Nowadays Fox Head is the most popular and best-selling brand of motocross gear all over the world which business is based in developing clothes for high intensity motorsport. By sponsoring and working with the best motorsport riders in the history, Fox Head has created race gear which ensures riders with superior protection, performance and freedom of motion, therefore we can surely say that Fox Head is producing the best motocross riding apparel in the world.



ALTA is a company which is founded about 40 years ago and has been the original developer of the highest quality knee and elbow protectors in this industry. During these years ALTA has ensured about 35 000 000 knee pads to users all over the world which are representing markets such as outdoor sports, military / tactical and industrial markets. Thanks to experts of these specific fields, who are constantly recognizing needs and wants of their markets, ALTA has opportunity to design products which are offered to consumers. ALTA production has features as innovative design, top-quality construction and functionality. Company permanently holds on to three important principles – adapted design, high quality and fast & flexible service.



Ergodyne is a company which is founded in the year 1983 and which is manufacturing products that “Make The Workplace A Betterplace”. Ergodyne started its business with just one product which now has grown and developed into a line of work gear and safety supplies which, as Ergodyne believes, improve productivity and provides protection to workers of different scopes of work all over the world. Ergodyne’s current production is constantly growing and developing, but now it is offering products such as hand protection, knee pads, supports, footwear accessories, cooling products, warming products, Hi-Vis apparel, lanyards, equipment storage systems, work wear and work shelters.





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