How to Prevent Knee Injuries? Knee Health
  • Train your popliteus tendon. Researchers have found, that women have different strength of quadriceps femoris muscle and back muscles – biceps femoris muscle, semitendinosus muscle and semimembranosus muscle. Therefore, before you start to sport, perform few vertical jumps and quick springy jumps, where the strength comes from straightening of ankles. You can also jump a little bit from one foot to other.
  • Perform exercises which are meant for developing of shins, tights and ankles, as well as for training of knee muscles. All of these exercises are necessary for support of knees.
  • Stretch your muscles before running to strengthen them. While performing strength exercises, pay attention to your buttocks and hip muscles, as well as to lateral rotators. Lateral rotators are six small muscles of hip which are laterally or, in other words, externally rotate the femur in the hip joint.
  • Develop your alertness. Exercises, which develop this ability, include rapid change of movement direction and improves contraction of antagonistic pairs. It is necessary to lengthen the time, in which reflex turns into reaction, and to reduce the effect of surprise to joints.
  • Also foundation under your feet is important. It is recommended to run on even and soft surfaces, for example, on grass. It is also important to change your running shoes regularly (each 3 to 6 months), before they become outworn and lose ability to amortize the impact.
  • Try to keep the centre of balance by bending forward and running on tips of your toes. If your cannot do it and your legs wobble, use shoe inserts.
  • Listen to hear, whether your knees are cracking. If there is a pain, swelling or some other changes, it is possible, that you have some degenerative joint disease.
  • Prefer variety and include other physical activities of low or high intensity in your weekly exercise plan as well, for example, swimming, walking or bicycling.

There is a little plan, how to train your knees correctly. Perform these exercises three times a week:

  • Bending and stretching of ankles. Lie on the floor, put your shins a little bit higher, for example, on the bench. Bend and stretch your ankles;
  • Rising on tips of toes. Stay straight, put your legs in the width of your shoulders, release your knees and slightly bend them. Slowly rise on tips of toes and then slowly land into starting position.
  • Lunges. Perform lunges alternately with one and other leg – bend your front leg and straighten your back leg.
  • Jumps from squat pose. Stay straight, put your legs in the width of your shoulders and put your arms along the sides. Squat like you would like to sit one the chair and stretch your arms forwards. Your knees have to be positioned perpendicularly. Then gently jump up like you have to reach the ceiling. When you have landed, squat again. Squats and lunges help to strengthen muscles of tights.

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