Knee Walker Basics – the how, what and why’s Knee Health

A broken ankle or foot places a particularly troublesome burden on a person. Generally, you’re in a cast which limits mobility. Crutches have traditionally been the go-to mobility aid, and if you’ve even used crutches you know – it really slows a person down. There is another option: knee walkers (also called knee scooters).

Knee walkers can come in a few different configurations, however they all have a few key features in common. First, there a padded platform for the user to rest her knee. Next, every knee walker includes flat handle bars; the holds on to the handle bars to control the knee walker. Finally, all knee walkers have wheels to make the whole thing go. You may also see a basket for your stuff, bicycle-style handbrakes, different wheel sizes, and some even include a steerable front wheels.

Using a knee walker is simple and intuitive. Grab the handle bars and steady yourself. Next, place your knee, the one with the injury below it, on the padded platform. Take a look good look around and be aware of your surroundings. Finally, push off with your free foot. And that’s it, you’re off and rolling.

Keen Walker Benefits

  1. Knee walkers make it painless to get around, especially compared to crutches. Knee walkers free up your hands and your good leg does the work.
  2. When you’ve sustained a foot or ankle injury, it’s important that you keep the weight off your injured foot or ankle. A knee walker allows you to rest your knee on a comfortable pad, which supports your body’s weight.
  3. A knee walker minimizes the chances that you will re-injury your foot or ankle – getting around on crutches is awkward and requires good balance.
  4. Knee walkers allow you to move around in your home or office regardless of flooring material. Knee walkers are built to be stable, a misplaced rug will not take you down.
  5. Transferring into shower or onto a toilet is an earlier proposition off of a knee walker.
  6. No sore armpits while using a knee walkers.
  7. Knee walkers are simple, perhaps even fun to use.
The following article was brought you to you by the 1800wheelchair and KneeWalkerCentral.

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