Knee Protection Guide

Magnetic knee supports Knee Protection Guide

Magnetic knee support is an instrument which has strategically placed magnets around the knee joint region, especially around the kneecap. Magnetic knee supports offer a natural and non-invasive pain relief, using special magnetic fields. These magnetic knee supports are based on the principles of magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy has been used for thousands of years for treatment of swelling and pain, and for improvement of...

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How to choose the right knee guards? Knee Protection Guide

It is very important to use knee pads or knee guards in sports like football, basketball, volleyball as well as in different action and extreme sports like skateboarding, rollerblading, BMX, MTB etc. But even though we need to use the knee pads it doesn’t mean that it is easy to choose the right ones because not only there are pads and guards made from different...

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Protective Gear Knee Protection Guide

When we talk about protective gear we usually think about protective accessories that helps us protect our body from different hazards. There are many varieties of protective gear starting from protective glasses that we put on when we are doing a chemistry experiment to pads and helmets that are used to protect our head and limbs while we do some type of sport. And that...

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The most popular knee pad manufacturers Knee Protection Guide

McDavid McDavid is a company which is designing and marketing sports medicine, sports protection and performance apparel both for professional athletes and active people. In one word, McDavid is doing everything to prevent injuries and enhance performance during sports activities. Everything started in the year 1969, when company’s founder and namesake Dr. Robert F. McDavid created protective knee brace for football which became the first...

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What are knee pads and where are they used? Knee Protection Guide

Many people of different occupations have experienced knee pain and knee injuries because knees are the part of our body that supports most of our body weight and therefore allows us to move from everyday activities such as walking, climbing stairs, sitting down and getting back up to more vigorous activities such as running and playing different sports. And because every year more than 8...

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What are knee braces and where are they used? Knee Protection Guide

Those who have experienced any injury to the knee at least once in their life knows how bad it can be not only because of the pain it causes but also the way these types of injuries limit the range of motion and limit the amount of activities you can do. But there is a way how you can help your knee to heal faster...

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Knee pads materials Knee Protection Guide

Knee pads are one of the best way to protect your knees not only from injury that can occur if you do a lot of activities such as basketball, football or other contact sports that stresses your knees but also from wear and tear and other damage that can occur if for example your job includes cleaning the floors, laying foundation or there is a...

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Knee pad types Knee Protection Guide

Nowadays manufacturers are offering a lot of various knee pads which are intended for different activities, for example, for sports and extreme sports, for dancing and acrobatics, for working and military purposes. In addition, all of these knee pads are being adjusted for more specific purposes, for example, nowadays every knee pad has to be not only protective, but also comfortable, flexible, lightweight, sleek, breathable,...

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What are knee sleeves and where they are used? Knee Protection Guide

It is not a secret that knee injuries are the major problem in sports all around the world – some of knee diseases or knee problems are affecting almost every athlete because of more or less intensive impacts during sports trainings and games. The usage of prophylactic (preventive or protective) knee supports is an attempt of reducing the severity or occurrence of knee injuries without...

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Knee pads usage in sports Knee Protection Guide

Knee protectors such as pads, sleeves and braces are widely used in sports which is related with a lot of various injuries, including knee damages. Many researches have proved that knee joints are the most injured part of the body among athletes, therefore, it is not a surprise that knee protectors are so popular and demanded among sportsmen. Thanks to demand of consumers we have...

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