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What is runner’s knee? Knee Health

Runner’s knee (Patellofemoral pain syndrome or PFPS for short) is a syndrome commonly spread among athletes, hence the name. Though it is referring mainly to runners, even cyclists, basketball players and anyone else who is spending a lot of time on their feet and needs to bend the knees a lot, can develop a runner’s knee. The pain, that can vary anywhere from quite mild...

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Few ways to treat knee pain at home Knee Health

If you are not very keen on using Western medicine or you just wouldn’t like to see a doctor after getting a mild knee pain, you can cheer up since there are many home remedies for dealing with knee pain. These simple methods are natural, budget-friendly and very easy so you don’t have to worry about having too much hassle. Here are the most common...

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Can running actually damage your knees? Knee Health

If you are passionate about running or even if you are just a casual jogger, it is likely you have encountered someone telling you that running will hurt your knees badly, especially when you are older. Experts have been tackling this question for a while and have come to a conclusion on whether running can really cause any long-term damages or is it just an...

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Symptoms and causes of chronic knee pain Knee Health

Chronic knee pain is a pain or strong sensitivity that has lasted more than six months. It can vary from being quite mild and just result in sensitivity to being absolutely excruciating. Same goes for the pain periods: chronic knee pain doesn’t necessarily mean a constant pain – it can come and go periodically. Worst case scenario is to have a serious case of knee...

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5 ways to ruin your knees Knee Health

Doesn’t matter whether you are a professional athlete, you like to exercise casually or you prefer the comfort of your chair instead of jogging, knees mean a great deal for your mobility. Unfortunately, many of us tend to ignore the warning signs and instead of paying attention to some injuries or problems on time can mean you will need to visit the orthopedics’ office regularly....

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Using Yoga to Strengthen Your Knees Knee Health

Yoga is not just for enhancing flexibility or calming the nerves – one of the biggest perks of doing yoga is the increased muscle strength, hence it is a widely popular training method to either strengthen weak knees or even fight with chronic knee pain. The knee itself is not really the problem but the muscles around them are. The problems causing the knee pain...

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Knee Walker Basics – the how, what and why’s Knee Health

A broken ankle or foot places a particularly troublesome burden on a person. Generally, you’re in a cast which limits mobility. Crutches have traditionally been the go-to mobility aid, and if you’ve even used crutches you know – it really slows a person down. There is another option: knee walkers (also called knee scooters). Knee walkers can come in a few different configurations, however they...

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Back, neck, knee and shoulder pain; are they symptoms of a movement disorder? Knee Health

Guest post by Dr. William Charschan from Charschan Chiropractic and Sports Injury Associates. If you suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain and have seen the physical therapist, the chiropractor, pain management specialist among countless other degreed professionals without getting the problem resolved, you are not alone. There is a growing chorus of healthcare professionals who are deciding to do things differently, because the tools they learned at...

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Pain in the Knee Joint Knee Health

Reasons of pain in the knee joint are different. For sporty active people, pain is often caused by overload or improper loading of the joint, which causes pain during movement, for example, during running, climbing down the stairs, or during peacetime. Depending of where precisely the pain is located – inside of knee, outside of knee, or in front of the knee, good specialist can...

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closeup of a young caucasian sportsman wearing sport clothes with his hand in his calf because of his calf muscle pain Knee Health

Muscle pain is widespread type of pain that may affect more than one muscle as well as soft tissues that surround muscles. Pain can also affect connective tissues such as ligaments, tendons, and fascias. Muscle pain is most common in the back, neck, and shoulder area, but it can affect other body parts as well. Sometimes even headache may be observed, that is associated with...

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