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The knee is the most complicated joint in the human body, therefore pain in knees is quite common problem, but it is hard to find the cause of this pain. We have to look wider because the root of pain can be somewhere else in the body, not where we feel the pain. The same applies to the knee – often the reason of pain is not in the joint, but in the muscles that are responsible for knee movement. If tights are trained unevenly, joint is loaded, and unpleasant sensations may appear. Therefore, in order to avoid the pain in knees, it is recommended to perform specific exercises, especially for tights, because the balance of muscles is one of the most important things for good feeling. These exercises are suitable both for athletes and beginners.

1. Train your balance

Put a pillow or rolled towel on the even ground. Stand on it and slowly lift one of legs up, trying to balance. Try to stay in this position at least one minute. Repeat it with other leg as well. This exercise strengthens tights and other muscles, including an ankle, as it and the knee have the main role in balancing.

2. Criss-crossed legs

One end of rubber band wrap around your leg, but the other end – around the leg of bed or table. Stand against bed or table and pull your leg back. This exercise trains back muscles. You can also stand in front of bed or table with your back, pulling your leg forwards and thus training front muscles. Perform this exercise on sides as well to not overload your muscles. Pull your leg to each direction 5 times.

3. Up and down

Put fitness mat or roller towel on the ground. Sit down and put one leg on mat or towel so that the knee is on the mat or towel. Press the joint down and lift the toes up. Hold your foot above the ground for at least 5 seconds and then put the foot down. Perform the exercise 10 times with each leg. This exercise strengthens the front muscle of tight. It may seem easy, but it is very useful exercise for those who have had some knee traumas or operations.

4. Squat with band

Wrap the band around the knees and pull them to sides so that knees are placed as wide as shoulders. Then squat and try to hold your tights perpendicularly to the ground, as this helps to hold your back straight. Squats should not be deep. Perform this exercise 3 times, squatting 10 times each time. Band makes this exercise more effective and trains side muscles of legs.

5. Wrap around and strain

Wrap bands around your feet and lift one leg up in 90 degrees so that the band strains. When it is done, lift your leg so high that you feel the load and train your hip. Perform this exercise 5 times with each leg. The band should not be too long or too short.

6. Lift your bottom

Lie down on the floor and put one leg on the chair so that the angle between shank and tight is 90 degrees. Press your ankle down and lift your bottom up. Hold this position for 3 seconds and then put your bottom down. Perform this exercise 3 times, performing this action 10 times each time. This exercise trains not only back muscles of tights, but also bottom, hips, and the body.

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