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Whether you use them regularly in biking, skateboarding, basketball or other contact sports, your knee protectors get subjected to some pretty heavy treatment. Over time they can begin to smell really, really bad – if you are starting to notice a particular odor coming from the boot of your car or your sports bag, then this may well be the reason why. If so, then you just know it is time to give your knee protector a good clean. In this post, we instruct you on how to do just that. Read on below to find out more.

Prevention measures

First, though, prevention is always better than cure. And in order to stop your knee pads from smelling funky in the first place, here are some simple preventative steps you should follow after each usage. First, let them dry out in the air (and the sun too if it is possible). Never leave your gear in a closed space like your sports bag or car! Also, right after using the pads, try wiping off any excess sweat with a towel or cloth – that way you prevent it being absorbed into the fabric, which in turn will reduce the amount of effort required to clean the pads. Next, use a spray that kills the microorganisms responsible for generating that nasty smell. Another measure you can take at this point is to put the knee pads in a zip-lock bag with some charcoal – which will also absorb any nasty odors.

Having multiple pairs of knee protectors is another commonsense, by rotating them regularly you can prevent anyone pair from getting too smelly. For example, after wearing one pair one day, switch to another pair the next time, thus giving the first set a break and the time needed for them to dry out.

Washing the knee pads

Eventually, though, the point will come when you will probably have to wash your knee pads, even if you have been taking all the necessary precautions mentioned above. Don’t get alarmed though – it’s actually super easy. The best way to clean them is to simply chuck them in the washing machine. Here are some simple pointers to follow when doing that:

  • Wash them on ‘gentle’ or ‘low’ setting so you don’t damage the fabric and materials
  • Use cold rather than hot water
  • Stick to laundry detergent rather than strong solvents or bleach. Also, don’t use too much detergent. If they are extremely smelly, a little bit of white vinegar is a useful tip for making your knee protectors lose that unpleasant odor.
  • Put the pads in a mesh bag before washing, in order to protect them better
  • Wash your knee protectors away and separate from other items.
  • DO NOT put your protectors in a dryer afterward as the heat and excessive motion may damage them. Dry them outside in the air and sun.

Washing by hand is also a perfectly valid option if you don’t have your own washing machine. Again, though, use cold water and a mild detergent or soap.

There you have it then! Cleaning and maintaining your knee protectors is a simple, straightforward task that anyone can do by setting aside just a few moments in this day. We hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful.

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