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What are Knee Braces?

We should all know what knee braces are as they are fairly common devices seen around, whether on injured people or active sports people. But just for the records, knee support braces, or simply knee braces, are devices worn around the knees to help support the knee when injured. With a brace correctly used, the injured person can carry out from moderate to even fairly rigorous activities without feeling so much pain or causing further injury to the knee. In fact, knee braces aid the healing process of an injured knee.

Aside, injured persons, active people, especially athletes and lifters, can also use braces to stabilize their patella in order to keep from suffering an injury to their knees.

Doctors are still divided on their opinion about whether or not knee braces are actually beneficial for a knee pain as results of scientific research aren’t conclusive. But before getting a knee brace for your knee injury or arthritis, always check with your doctor and see what s/he says first.

Knee braces can be made from a variety of materials which include plastic, metal, elastic material or even foam. They also come in various designs, sizes and colors which gives users diverse options to pick from.

How do Knee Braces Work?

Knee braces are generally designed to offer one or both of the following: compression and/or stability. Let’s look at each of these closely for a bit.

Compression: By compression, knee braces help to keep inflammations in check. Once the knee (or any other part of the body, for that matter) suffers an injury, an inflammation consequently follows. By providing compression, the inflammation is managed which, therefore, reduces pain and then enables the user experience improved mobility.

Stability: Now, if the surrounding ligaments of the kneecap are damaged, then your ability to move (run, jump or walk) will be seriously compromised. Knee braces help to manage the situation by providing your knees with improvised external ligaments in the form of its straps. When this is done, movement becomes possible and more stable.

Knee braces can come in two forms: either a soft support or a rigid support and your choice of either support should follow a diagnosis by a doctor.

Soft support braces usually come as sleeves and offer mostly compression to help keep swellings down and reduce pain. If your knee is sprained pretty badly, then you might need something that comes with straps (improvised external ligaments) to help stabilize your knee while at the same time compressing the inflammation.

Rigid braces can serve for prophylactic purposes as well as post-injury too. For those participating in very demanding sports, a rigid knee brace is necessary to help protect the knee from impact damage.

Types of Knee Support Braces

There are many kinds of braces in the market today (in fact, this piece on knee support braces that includes some arthritis knee brace reviews carries 12) but these braces can be grouped into four large groups, namely: prophylactic braces, unloader braces, rehabilitative braces, and functional braces. Now, let’s study each one closely.

Prophylactic Braces: From the name, you can probably tell what prophylactic knee braces are. They are preventative devices in nature in that they help to protect your knee against damage that usually occurs in high-impact sports. Sports such as basketball, football, or hockey are good examples.

To be more specific, prophylactic knee braces protect the Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) from injury. A study has even proven that they have the ability to give up to 20-30% relief from a strain on the MCL or a stiffened knee.

In the case that an MCL injury has already taken place, they can even keep the user from re-injuring the MCL.

Prophylactic braces are best for protecting the MCL from damage, reducing the stiffness of a knee, recovering from sports injuries, as well as supporting the LCL, PCL, and ACL.

Functional Braces: These are mostly post-injury braces. They give support to the knee while it heals from an injury. Functional braces are really specific and you can find specialized braces to tend to an MCL, LCL, PCL, ACL or even combination injuries. Each specialized brace is specially designed to apply just the right amount of force to a specific ligament to provide the support needed for that injury.

Depending on the severity of your injury, your doctor can prescribe any type of functional brace for you. For instance, in a mild injury, s/he will mostly recommend a neoprene brace with lateral metal hinges. If the injury is more severe, on the other hand, then they might recommend a knee brace with a more rigid frame and side hinges.

Functional braces help to reduce the risk of further injury to other surrounding tissues of the knee as well as provide stability to unstable knees. However, there is no guarantee that knee braces will bring the knee back to its original point of stability even though they work great in general knee rehabilitation, especially when properly fitted.

Rehabilitative Braces: These ones help to restrict movement around the knee while healing is ongoing in an injured knee or after a surgical procedure. Typically, they are used for between two to eight weeks post-injury or post-surgery.

When compared to a case or a splint, these braces are more rehabilitative options as they give room for swelling, can be removed for knee examination and support motion within a controlled range.

They are usually made of foam liners which are designed to cover the thigh down to the calf. Running along the sides of the braces are usually adjustable rigid bars and hinges with about 6 to 8 straps holding the brace and keeping it in place.

They are best for rehabilitation, of course, post-surgery, controlling movement, and recovering sports injuries.

Unloader Braces: These braces are mostly recommended for people with medial compartment osteoarthritis (the medial compartment refers to the inner side of the knee). They function by unloading stress from the affected area by applying some level of pressure on the bone in the thigh. By applying pressure to this bone, the knee is forced to move away from the affected area, thereby reducing pain. Unloader braces are usually made of steel, foam or molded plastic and are best for persons looking to have a knee replacement surgery in the immediate future.

Things To Consider When Picking A Knee Support Brace

When it comes to arthritis knee support products or any knee support product, there are various types and choosing one can be difficult. However, here are a few tips to help you pick the right one:

  1. Make sure you know the type of knee brace you need for the specific type of knee injury you have. Preferably, see a doctor first and have them diagnose you before getting a knee brace.
  2. Ask yourself the style of knee brace you prefer. There are two basic styles: the slip on and the wraparound. For a slip on braces, be careful to get your correct size in order to get good support. Wraparound braces, on the other hand, are easily adjustable as they usually come with Velcro straps.
  3. Ask yourself if you want pressure on your kneecap or not. Closed patella braces offer compression on your kneecap same as other parts of your knees. Open patella braces, on the other hand, take the pressure off your kneecap and in some cases can even help to improve patella tracking.
  4. Ensure you get the correct size so you can get good support. If you find yourself in between two sizes, it is always advisable to order up.

Now that we’ve given you an overview of knee support braces, let’s take a look at individual products so you can pick the best for you…

Compressions Knee Brace Support

  • Manufacturer – Compressions
  • Materials – Neoprene
  • Size – one size fits all
  • Age group – adults
  • Sold as singles
  • Colors – Black
  • Weight – 5.9 ounces
  • Other features – Comes with side stabilizers for improved lateral support; silicon anti-slip straps to prevent slippage; Velcro straps for easy adjustment and fastening; comfortable and breathable

Compression Sport isn’t a newbie at all in the sport industry. Indeed, it has contributed a giant quota in the production and distribution of some of the best recovery braces and similar products in the market. Specializing in the manufacture of compression socks, Compression Sport has employed time-tested methods, equipment, facilities, and skills to ensure that every customer who makes use of any of its products enjoys a satisfactory impact on his/her leg health. With a promise to always deliver topnotch customer services, this brand has sure earned an enviable spot in the heart of its customers as a plethora of positive reviews across several retail platforms prove.

Suffering a meniscus tear can feel like the end of the world at that material time or at least the suspension (till further notice) of all the activities you love to engage in, but is it? We’re glad to say no. With a fantastic knee brace for meniscus tears you can resume your favorite activities in a snap. The Compressions Knee Brace Support is a great example of such.

This patella stabilizing brace does a good job of supporting your kneecap (patella) effectively in order to give you sufficient relief to carry on with your activities. This means you can enjoy complete and free movement without the jarring reminder of sharp knee pains.

Made of neoprene, it’s comfortable and cozy to your leg so, no, it won’t feel like your leg is imprisoned. It will, therefore, not interfere in your movements and you can still show off all your moves and skills even with a knee injury.

For easy adjustment, this knee support brace comes with Velcro straps. However tight or loose you want the fit, this brace will easily adjust to suit your kneecap and provide you with relief on your own terms. Plus, with its anti-slip strips made of silicon, you can be sure that it won’t keep slipping off your leg and causing you to adjust every single time. It gives a great fit and stays put.

Made of neoprene, the brace is breathable which means that your knees will still feel fresh beneath the brace. This, in turn, will add to your comfort and will also make movement a lot easier.

While this is a brace, it sure does have a couple of other uses. For instance, if you play basketball, or tennis or football or you’re an athlete, it still works as a great support. Plus those who are recuperating from a surgery will also find this a wonderful knee support brace to use.


  • It gives great knee support for meniscus tears and injuries
  • It is made of neoprene material, making the brace breathable and comfortable for the user
  • It comes with Velcro straps for easy adjustment
  • There are also anti-slip silicon straps to help keep the brace in place
  • It can be used as support while playing other kinds of sports as well as a great knee brace for those recuperating from a surgical procedure


  • It tends to have a bad neoprene smell at first

Vive Hinged Knee Brace

  • Manufacturer – Vive
  • Materials – Neoprene
  • Size – one size fits all
  • Weight – 9.6 ounces
  • Age group – adults
  • Sold as single
  • Color – Black
  • Other features – Comes with removable aluminum hinges at the side for lateral support; made of compression material to support injured areas and aid faster recovery; made of breathable material; comfy and lightweight; also comes with fasteners for adjustment to size

Whether it’s sustaining an injury or simply growing old, different things happen that could interfere negatively with our preferred lifestyles. Vive understands this and has taken it upon itself to supply you with every product you need to take care of these unforeseen inconveniences so you can live your happiest and most independent life yet. With over a hundred thousand positive reviews across the largest websites in the world, this brand is surely a force to reckon with in its industry.

And now, allow us present to you another amazing knee support brace for arthritis, meniscus injuries, and ligament injuries: the Vive Hinged Knee Brace. Check out its features:

What really makes this particular knee support brace different from many others you might find is the fact that it comes with aluminum hinges on the side to reinforce support to your knees and this is simply brilliant. With this additional sturdy support, you can significantly improve your lateral and medial stability and also speed up your recovery as well.

These hinges will also help with sprains, strains, patellar tracking (movement of the kneecap) and instability.
And what if you don’t need this fantastically improved support? Then that’s okay too. Simply take them out and you can use the brace like every other one.

Injuries heal faster when enough blood is allowed to circulate around them, and that’s why this brace is made with compression material. This material enables the injured areas to gain support as well recover faster.

The material is really breathable so it gives your knees comfort even if it has to be worn all day. Plus, it is very lightweight. And since it is lightweight, you hardly feel it when you put it on, giving you the liberty to enjoy your regular activity without any discomfort.

For a personalized fit, you will find that this knee brace comes with adjustable fasteners which are tough and durable. With these fasteners, you can fit your brace to match your unique knee specifications.


  • This arthritic brace comes with removable aluminum hinges to give added lateral support to the affected knee, and since they are removable, they can be taken off if additional support isn’t needed
  • Being made of compression material, they support injured areas and facilitate their speedy recovery by encouraging the circulation of blood around the affected area
  • It’s a breathable brace so your knees will feel comfy in it all day long
  • Because of its light weight you can be sure that it won’t get in the way of your movement by making your leg feel bulkier
  • The brace comes with adjustment fasteners which will help you adjust the brace to fit your unique knee specs


  • If you choose to use the removable aluminum hinges at the side, this brace might, expectedly, feel a little bulky to you

Winzone Knee Brace Support

  • Manufacturer – Winzone
  • Materials – 100% Neoprene
  • Size – one size fits all
  • Age group – adults
  • Machine washable – Yes
  • Sold as singles
  • Colors – black
  • Weight – 13.1 ounces
  • Other features – Comes with dual stabilizer for added support; comes fully adjustable; comfortable and lightweight

Whether it’s manufacturing knee braces or compression socks or any other sport/outdoor equipment, WinZone places a premium on using only the best materials possible. Consequently, the different lines of products carried by this brand have become popular for their functionality and durability. Setting out to provide a customer service that is unparalleled in the industry, this family-owned business establishes itself as more than a brand but also as a friend of its customers.

If arthritis has robbed you of the joy of spending ample time with your kids or grandkids, then you should be in the market for the best knee brace for arthritis that you can possibly find. And since you are here, there’s a really nice one we would love to show you: the Winzone Knee brace Support Sleeve. This brace works wonders not just for arthritis, but for meniscus tears as well. So if what you’re actually in the market for is a knee brace for meniscus tear, this is still your guy. Don’t stop reading.

The best knee support for arthritis pain is the type that grips your knees properly and tightly enough to provide support without being so stiff as to cause discomfort. The brace must also be built to last. Thankfully, this wonderful knee brace scores high on all counts!

It grips tightly enough to provide immediate pain relief, it doesn’t feel stiff, it’s not uncomfortable and it lasts very long in use.

This knee brace comes with dual stabilizers at the sides which significantly improve the protection of the affected area, making this device an excellent patella stabilizing brace.

Conversant with the fact that as people’s faces differ so do their knees, the manufacturers of this brace have made it be fully adjustable so this way, anyone can maneuver the brace to accommodate his knee for a perfect fit that doesn’t keep slipping off. You can even wear it with your jeans!

Made of neoprene, the brace is comfortable and you can be sure that even if you have to wear this nearly all day long, you won’t begin to feel hot and bothered at some point.

Might it need a good washing after a while? That’s not a problem; a little bird whispered into our ears that it knows for sure that this brace is okay to be washed in a washing machine.


  • It grips the knee tightly enough to give effective support
  • It is made of neoprene which makes the brace very comfortable even for extended periods of use
  • As an excellent patellar stabilizing brace, it comes with two stabilizers (one at each side) which helps the protection of the injured areas even more
  • It comes adjustable so you can create your own personal fit
  • It is lightweight and machine washable
  • You can also use it as a supporting device for your other activities


  • A few customers appear to have one or two complaints about a small irritation when the brace digs into the back of their legs after wearing for a really long time

Ace List Protective Basketball Knee Pads

  • Manufacturer – TechWare
  • Materials – Neoprene
  • Size – Large, Xlarge, XXlarge
  • Age group – adults
  • Machine washable – Yes
  • Sold as singles
  • Other features – Comes with four spring stabilizers for added support; comes fully adjustable; comes with silicon straps to prevent brace from slipping off; breathable, comfortable, and lightweight

Techware came into the sport industry many years ago with the desire to be the number one solution provider to sport injuries by providing high quality recovery devices such as knee braces and the like. Fast forward to the present and we can see the brand effortlessly fulfilling this dream with its vast array of some of the most commonly used sport equipment among athletes in the world today. What began as a dream has (through hard work, innovation and research), become a reality and the world of sports is happier for it.

Our review only permits us to talk about the absolute best knee brace for arthritic pain we can possibly find and here’s one of those great options we found while we went digging: the TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support.

We all know the rules, when talking about knee braces for knee pain, we must, as a matter of fact, also talk about comfort as much as we talk about support. We don’t want to manage one problem and end up with another one on our hands. It is, therefore, important that you get a brace that’s your size.

This brace comes in three different sizes in order to ensure that you only end up with something that’s best suited for your own kneecap. To get your size, measure the circumference of your kneecap. If it falls between 14 to 18 inches, then you’re looking at a large sized brace. 18 to 21 inches would need an x-large brace, while 21 inches to 24 inches would need an xx-large brace.

With its open patella design, your kneecap gets the complete compression and support it needs which also encourages other tissues that might also be injured (like the tendon or the ligaments) to heal up speedily as well.

And for added knee protection, check out the four flexible spring stabilizers added to this brace. Your injured knee couldn’t possibly feel any more stable elsewhere.

Made of neoprene plus a silicon non-slip feature, this brace is a champ at wicking away sweat, leaving your leg feeling comfortable all day. Plus, the silicon straps will ensure that you do not have to keep adjusting the brace once worn. They stay on your legs and hardly slip off.

Plus, with a 3-way Velcro strap fastening system, there’s no way this brace won’t give a snug, non-slip fit every time.

This is about the most comfortable, pain relieving knee brace you can possibly find. It even comes with a gel pad to help you attend to any inflammation that might result from your injured knee.

And if what you’re looking for is just good ole knee support for your sport to protect from impact damage, you’re still making a wise choice in getting this brace. It does a fine job of that too.


  • It comes in 3 different sizes to give a more precise fit for differently sized knees
  • The open patella design encourages support as well as breathability and compression
  • It comes with four spring stabilizers that give increased stability to your knee
  • Its silicon non-slip feature ensures that the brace doesn’t slip off while you are moving
  • There’s a gel pad on this brace to help in relieving inflammation


  • The manufacturers do not carry a medium size for this product so those with smaller knee sizes might have to look elsewhere for a brace with features as great as those of this one

Ultra Sports Gear Knee Brace

  • Manufacturer – Ultra Sport Gear
  • Materials – Neoprene
  • Size – Regular fit, and Most popular (2 sizes)
  • Age group – adults
  • Sold in pairs
  • Weight – 8.8 ounces
  • Color – Ultra Black
  • Other features – Comes with spring stabilizers for patella protection; lightweight

Having suffered the excruciating pain and inconvenience that come with dealing with an injured knee himself, Dr Ope (a doctor of physical therapy) sought for a brace that could help him deal with the pains he was feeling. Finding none that worked, he decided to set to work and make himself something effective. Combining his knowledge and expertise as a doctor of physical therapy with his personal firsthand experience of knee pain himself, this doctor was able to produce a brace that worked perfectly for him. Astounded by the level of success he achieved, Dr Ope decided to make this invention available to as many as suffered the same and voila, Ultra Sports Gear was born. And from one knee brace, this brand has catered to many injured knees across the world.

Orthopedic knee braces for arthritis that work begin first and foremost with their fit. If you aren’t able to get something that fits snugly around your knees, you won’t be able to get relief from your knee pain. And that’s why you need a brace like the Ultra Sports Gear Knee Brace.

This brace is made with only top quality materials and you can feel it right from the moment you slip it on to your knee. The relief it provides is immediate and long lasting. So whether it’s recovery from arthritis, a dislocation or a meniscus tear, you’ve come to the right place to look for a great brace that works.

Although it does a fantastic job as a knee support brace for arthritis, this brace gets more outstanding in that it also works great in preventing injuries too. Even if you aren’t grappling with arthritis or any other similar patella dysfunction right now, as an active person, you should get this brace to help prevent knee injuries, some of which even require surgery.

Why are we so convinced that this is one of the best knee braces for arthritis around? Well, unlike most knee braces for arthritis you’d find, a doctor of physical therapy was actually involved in designing of this brace. Therefore, you can expect a thoroughly well-made brace with all features possible to ensure that it works. That is, that it allows you free movement around your knees, is comfortable and provides relief for joint pains.

Also, this patella stabilizing brace comes with spring stabilizers on both sides to add to the stability and support already provided by the brace.

Altogether, this is one of the most comfortable, lightweight and affordable knee braces for arthritic knees in the market today that actually work. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity and grab your while stock lasts.


  • It is made of top quality materials for effectiveness and durability
  • It prevents sport knee injuries as well as it helps to manage them
  • With a doctor of physical therapy on the design team, you can be confident that all necessary features for a functioning knee brace for pain are present here
  • It is a very comfortable knee brace without any restrictive bulk that could hinder free movement


  • There are a few complaints that the brace tends to slip a bit, though

Exous Knee Brace Support

  • Manufacturer – Exous
  • Materials – Neoprene lined with jacquard lycra
  • Size – One size fits all
  • Weight – 5.6 ounces
  • Age group – adults
  • Sold as singles
  • Color – black
  • Other features – Comes with spring stabilizers for patella protection and stabilization; 4-way compression system increases support; non-slip brace; comes with two patella straps for excellent support

In defining the brand, Exous Body Gear, you must certainly mention the words: unique, functional and affordable. This brand isn’t about creating fancy products but rather, it focuses on creating down-to-earth products that actually meet a specific need. For this reason, the brand commits a lot of time to meeting and working with professionals (athletes, physiotherapists and the like) to ensure that products are well designed to carry out the function for which they were created. And despite the obvious grueling work put into making each product, the team at Exous Body Gear still manages to somehow make prices so friendly so everyone can afford to have such professionally designed and highly functional products as manufactured by the brand.

Okay so in our hunt for the best knee support for arthritis, we came across this really cool knee brace for arthritis relief and guess what? It’s a hugger! And everyone (or, at least, almost everyone) likes hugs. The Exous Knee Brace Support Protector gives your knee a snug hug from all angles with its 4-way compression system. With this compression system in place, your knee gets both medial and lateral support which greatly improves your sense of stability when using this brace.

The two patella straps on this brace help to relieve jumper’s knee, and tendonitis, as well as support the kneecap too.

Continuous adjusting of your brace is not only potentially annoying, it can actually irritate your leg after a while. But thanks to this brace and its special design, you can be sure that it will stay put throughout the day, and you won’t have to adjust it at all.

So, for sports, workout, and other activities that require rigorous movement where a non-slip brace is a must, you can call on the Exous Knee Brace Support Protector. Although it stays on throughout, it is still lightweight enough to be almost unnoticeable and definitely non-restrictive.

How does this brace do on comfort? We are glad to announce that when you purchase this product, you’re not just purchasing a knee support for arthritic knees, you’re purchasing a superiorly made, quality-looking and comfortable knee brace that works.

For the active peeps who play sports from basketball, to running, to football, you should get this really terrific brace. It features side stabilizers that help to support your knee, thereby preventing injury. That same way, it also helps to stabilize an already-injured knee by relieving pain and ensuring that you do not cause further injury to it in the course of your activity.

And if the manufacturers are so confident as to put a money-back guarantee, who are you to say no? Or what do you think?


  • It comes with a 4-way compression system and it helps to increase stability and support
  • Its two patella straps also give added support
  • There are two spring stabilizers that help to protect the patella from injury as well as stabilize an injured knee
  • It’s non-slip, so it stays on all through without causing undue irritation, even in the most rigorous and demanding activities
  • It is really comfortable as well


  • A few customers had one or two issues with the fit of the two patella straps

Simple Health Global Knee Support

  • Manufacturer – Simple Health Global
  • Materials – Neoprene
  • Size – One size fits most
  • Age group – adults
  • Sold as singles
  • Color – Black
  • Weight – 7.2 ounces
  • Other features – comes with magnetic therapy feature for pain relief; also features warmth therapy; comes with complementary ankle support

Its promise is as simple as its name. Simple Health Global just wants to make life a lot simpler for you by manufacturing first class products that you’d love. It’s a guarantee at this brand that you won’t have to look out for yourself after purchase as customer service here is second to none. This is a brand that stays with you from purchase right through to after-sales. There’s hardly a body that doesn’t leave satisfied after an experience at Simple Health Global.

Still talking about the best knee brace for arthritis, we have another nice brace here for you from Simple Health Global. It’s the new and improved Simple Health Global Knee Support Sleeve Wrap. “But I just need a good ole knee brace for arthritis pain.” Well, wait till you meet this brace and its terrific features.

Even some of the best knee braces for arthritis only come with two straps but here’s a model that comes with 3! Now you can be triply sure of stable support and, of course, a painless engagement in your activity of choice.

Because we know you’re a very active person and many times need to carry out really demanding moves to enjoy your sport, we picked this wonderful patellofemoral arthritis knee brace for you because it comes with a non-slip function that helps you to keep your focus on your activities. You won’t have any need to entertain any distraction by trying to adjust the brace every now and then.

Still not sold? This pain relieving knee brace also comes with an amazing magnetic therapy feature. Actual special magnets are sewn into the very lining of your knee brace and they work immediately you slip on the brace!

Now, this is specially for those with arthritis; the brace works up a pretty good volume of heat without burning your skin, keeping your knees nice and warm throughout the day. And even if you don’t have arthritis, wearing this to work out on a cool day could help keep your knees toasty and prevent knee stiffening from exposure to extreme cold.

This feature works hand-in-hand with the excellent compression offered by the brace to give you the highest level of pain relief it can offer.

A gift that keeps giving, this brace even comes with an additional ankle support (it is free!) to help manage the strain on your knee and keep the injury in check.

Nobody wants to get a product that gets bad within weeks of its purchase and you won’t be getting that either with this brace. It’s made from quality raw materials, and if the manufacturers’ words are anything to go by, you will definitely be using this for a lifetime.


  • It comes with three straps which give the patella even more stability and support
  • It comes as a non-slip brace which ensures that even in the most rigorous activities, you are not distracted by the need to constantly adjust your brace
  • This product is a pain relieving knee brace par excellence! It’s got this really effective magnetizing technology which works together with the compression system to grant quick and lasting relief from joint pain
  • It comes with a free ankle support to keep strain and injuries in check
  • It also produces enough heat to keep your knee nice and warm for long periods


  • There are one or two complaints that the brace tends to slip off after a few hours of use

Venom Open Patella Knee Brace

  • Manufacturer – Venom Sports Fitness
  • Materials – Neoprene
  • Size – Small, medium, large, extra large
  • Weight – 3 ounces
  • Age group – adults
  • Sold as single
  • Color – black
  • Other features – Form-fitting brace conforms itself to all your moves; absorbs shock from high impact; lightweight; wicks away sweat from the skin; comes with an exercise guide for a recovering knee

Forget the name, the only tough things about Venom Fitness Sports are its array of durable, quality products and the strength of its commitment to you and your aspirations. Otherwise, this is a really loveable brand. It came into existence barely three years ago but since then, it has arduously worked to ensure that you are served with only the best products it can possibly manufacture. Venom Fitness Sports aims to help its customers to never take no for an answer when it comes to living their best lives in their comfort zone, and its fantastic sport products and equipment easily prove this fact.

On our number 8 spot, we present to you a knee brace for knee pain that is popular for its snug fit: the Venom Open Patella Knee Brace. It fits so great it looks molded onto your skin. We love its fit because it easily conforms itself to all your movements and therefore allows you to conveniently carry out any range of movements you desire.

It also helps in shock absorbing especially in very demanding physical activities where high impact can hardly be avoided such as basketball, cycling, running, as well as a range of other equally demanding athletic activities.

With just the right amount of thickness and density, this knee brace, being made of compressive neoprene, plays a significant role in tremendously reducing the pain that emanates from an injured patella or other joint problems like a meniscus tear, joint pain, runner’s knee or arthritis.

For an even better fit, you find that this brace comes with strong Velcro straps that enable the knee brace to stay secure and well fitted to support your knee. This way, you can adjust the brace as much as you want to get a fit that works for you.
It’s not difficult to slip on or slip off as surface of the brace only comes with very little friction. One less hassle to deal with…

And to make the brace really comfortable and convenient to use, it was made to be lightweight so it doesn’t add bulk to your knee but allows you to carry out your preferred activity unhampered.

Also, its sweat-resistant feature is formulated to absorb sweat from your skin so you can have a fresh feel even after taking off the brace; so no itchiness and no irritation.

The nice manufacturers even took the liberty of adding a guide to your purchase, free of charge, to help with different kinds of exercises you can do for your knee to facilitate a speedier recovery. How nice!


  • It comes with a really great fit
  • It absorbs shock from high-impact athletic activities and thereby helps to prevent injury (or further injury if already injured) to the knee
  • It comes with Velcro straps for easy adjustment
  • It is lightweight so it is very comfortable to use and does not get in the way when moving
  • It wicks away sweat from the skin and thereby prevents itchy and irritating sensations
  • It comes with a free guide on knee exercises to help in knee recovery


  • If you’re looking for something with stabilizing hinges on the side, this isn’t the brace you should be looking at

EzyFit Knee Brace Support

  • Manufacturer – EzyFit
  • Materials – Neoprene with nylon and polyester blend
  • Size – Medium, large, extra large
  • Age group – Adults
  • Sold as singles
  • Color – black
  • Other features – Tough and double-stitched for durability; comes with non-slip silicon straps as well as strong Velcro straps to prevent slipping off and for adjustments respectively; comes with heat therapy feature; open patella design for flexible and wider range of movements

Ezyfit is a health and Fitness club located in Birtinya and it is one brand that is positively obsessed with fitness and wellness. This closely knit club sees its members as more than mere members but as friends and family. Knowing how strenuous (and consequently discouraging) keeping fit can appear, this brand strives to make fitness enjoyable, thereby making more people excited at the prospect of living a fit and healthy lifestyle. In keeping with this vision, Ezyfit also manufactures quality products to help customers achieve even more from their routines.

We’re still looking at the best knee support for arthritis pain on our reviews today, and here we have the tough and durable EzyFit Knee Brace Support. Even though this brace is really tough, in that it is made of the best materials and is even double stitched to ensure durability, it is still oh-so-comfy to your knees.

And still on durability, even the Velcro straps attached to the brace are strong to ensure that the brace pays out every dollar spent on it in service to you and your knee.

Aside, being made to last, the brace was also made to stay firm on your knee without slipping off. This way, even when engaged in the most active and demanding of activities, you do not have to get distracted by constantly adjusting and readjusting the position of your brace. Remember the strong Velcro straps? They make sure of that.

And they don’t do it alone, there are also non-slip silicon straps that also ensure that this brace doesn’t slip past your knees and because it’s so lightweight, it can stay in one spot all day without even being noticed by you. It, in no way, hampers movement!

Coming in three different sizes, you can now pick the best brace that fits your own knee size and shape. You know that when it comes to the best knee support for arthritis, the key is getting something that fits well and consequently gives the best support. Three different sizes ensure that you have options and can go with only the most fitting one.

Patella stabilizing braces stand out in that they come with side hinges which help to provide lateral support to the injured (or uninjured) knee. However, this particular one even comes with 4 stabilizers! Two on each side! Now, you can get fantastic lateral support.

Finally, its open patella design ensures that your knee gets access to a full range of movements as well as improved flexibility.

Another reason this brace scores highly in our books is the heat therapy it boasts. It gives a wonderful warming sensation to the knee and thereby helps to speed up the recovery process of injured tissues.

Here’s a tip from the manufacturers: to get an even more enhanced benefit from using this brace, try applying a topical pain reliever on to the affected spot before using your brace. Thank them later!


  • It is made of strong materials and is double-stitched to ensure durability
  • It comes with non-slip silicon straps to help the brace stay put as well as strong adjustable Velcro straps to hold down the brace
  • It comes with 4 side stabilizers for improved lateral support
  • Its open patella design encourages more flexible and wider range of movements


  • One or two customers still complained of slippage with an extended period of use

NeoProMedical Knee Support

  • Manufacturer – NeoProMedical
  • Materials – Neoprene
  • Size – one size fits all
  • Color – Black
  • Age group – adults
  • Sold as singles
  • Weight – 2.4 ounces
  • Other features – Comes with Velcro straps for fastening and adjustment; made from quality neoprene for durability and comfort

NeoProMedical is a futuristic brand that strives to stay ahead of the industry by constantly evolving itself to meet current demands as well as predict future demands in the industry. When it began running operations many years ago in the health and medical industry, it had a dream to be a household name and the number one brand that comes to mind when first class medical products are needed across the world. Little by little, we see this dream being actualized with the brand boasting a staggering number of quality products in its different product lines. The best part of all this is that even with the stamp of approval this brand has received by its numerous satisfied customers across the world, customer service and unbeatable pricing are still a thing with this brand.

And yet another fantastic meniscus knee brace right here on our reviews for the best knee brace for arthritis pain. Right now, we are reviewing the NeoproMedical Knee Support. Ready to find out all its amazing features? Then let’s get to it.

This knee brace offers your knee amazing support! By holding your kneecap and surrounding muscles in their proper position, this brace ensures that you enjoy your activity without pain. And if you need this as a preventative measure too, it also helps to keep your kneecap and muscles from getting sprained and inadvertently getting injured.

If your knee falls in between a circumference of 12.5 inches and 18 inches, then today is your lucky day because it is specially designed to fit knees of that size range. And to ensure that the fit is super snug enough for your own unique knee size, there are Velcro belts attached to keep the fit just right for you.

No matter how wonderful a brace looks and all the promises made by its manufacturers, if it feels cheap, enjoying the brace might be a chore. Thankfully, this brace is complete 100% quality neoprene material to ensure that it molds to your leg for a good fit; feels comfy enough and, of course, lasts several years of usage.

It’s even tough enough to endure machine washing!

Are you a very active person? Do you have a knee injury or other knee problems? Or do you need a little help recovering from a recent surgical procedure? Then try this amazing knee brace and watch yourself carry on with your active life like nothing happened.


  • It gives your knee fantastic support and thereby reduces pain
  • It gives a snug fit and comes with Velcro belts to adjust the brace for a more personalized fit
  • It is made of quality neoprene which means that it is comfortable, fits well, and is, of course really durable
  • It is machine washable


  • Some customers complained about the Velcro straps bunching up behind their legs or otherwise, thereby causing some discomfort

ZSX Sport Knee Brace Support

  • Manufacturer – NeoProMedical
  • Materials – Neoprene
  • Size – Small, medium, large, extra large
  • Color – Black
  • Age group – adults
  • Sold as singles
  • Weight – 3.36 ounces
  • Other features – Open patella design; comes with stabilizer ring; Velcro straps for fastening and adjustment; internal perforations to wick away sweat

Supplying to different countries (across continents) including the UK, Italy, France, Germany, the US, and Spain, ZSX is truly a world-class international brand. And this class isn’t just limited to the fact that it supplies its products to several continents but even more importantly, it extends to the quality of products you will find at ZSX: simply world class! And because it truly loves its customers, the brand has made its customer service system one of the most personal and down-to-earth in the industry today.

A knee that feels better is all you want so you can get back to doing the things you love and that’s why you’re in the market for the best knee brace for arthritic pain. Well, here’s one for you: the ZSX Knee Brace Support. Come with us and check out its excellent offerings.

The manufacturers of this brace have been able to find out what does the trick for an effective knee support that works, and the idea is to be able to apply the right amount of pressure at the right place. Hence, the need for a fitting knee brace cannot be overemphasized. This knee brace gives you that easily.

For runners and other athletes, a stabilized patella can be difference between an injured and an uninjured knee while carrying out your activity. This is why this brace comes with side stabilizers to ensure that your lateral support is assured and your patella tracking is also smooth.

Seeing the near impossibility of creating one knee brace to fit all knee sizes, and wanting to ensure that all can easily benefit from this wonderful brace, the manufacturers thought it wise to create knee braces in four different sizes so that every knee size and shape is catered for.

You’d love wearing this brace every day as it’s lightweight and looks really good. So you’d hardly notice it and it won’t slow you down as you carry on with your work.

Also, its soothing compression and potent warmth therapy add up to provide relief for arthritic knees as well as knee pains caused by osteoarthritis. And with the easily adjustable straps attached, you can now control how much compression you want per time. This thing puts you in control!

Amazingly, the manufacturers actually allow you to take the brace for a spin before deciding whether or not to keep it. They say if you do not like it, you can return it within 30 days and get your money back. Complete! Now is that worth trying or not?


  • It comes with side stabilizers to help stabilize the patella and protect it from injury
  • It looks great and is lightweight thereby encouraging all-day use without the need to slow down
  • It provides a soothing compression and warming effect that help to handle arthritic knees
  • Its straps help to fasten as well as control the amount of compression given by the brace


  • It comes with an overwhelming, out-of-the-box neoprene smell at first. It does go out after a few washings though but it’s still a nuisance

Bracoo Knee Support

  • Manufacturer – Bracoo
  • Materials – Neoprene
  • Size – small, medium, large, extra large
  • Color – Black
  • First Item
  • Second Item

Bracoo defines passion as creating a range of products that customers are completely excited about and would always love to use. By cleverly combining the most up-to-date technology with the best raw materials, this brand easily leads its industry with an array of tastefully designed sports and fitness products of superior functionality and amazing quality.

The very last patella knee brace we will be looking at on our reviews today is the Bracoo Knee Support. If you haven’t found “the one” yet, then keep reading because this might just be it.

This brace comes with an open patella design. So, naturally, it will help to reduce the pressure and stress on the kneecap during movement, intense exercise as well as other similar heavy usage.

This design also helps those with arthritic knees by offering huge relief from both acute as well as chronic pains. The brace also helps with strained, sprained or fatigued knees and is equally fantastic for patients still recuperating after a surgical procedure and need to move about.

Now, for this brace, knee stabilizing is taken a notch higher. Instead of side hinges, this comes with a stabilizer ring that is reinforced for effectiveness and durability. With this stabilizer ring, the kneecap is kept in position by the brace and stress can now be efficiently distributed across the different muscles and ligaments surrounding the knee. This will, in turn, reduce your risks of suffering a knee injury.

Different people have different knee shapes and sizes. They also require different levels of pressure too. Hence, the Bracoo Knee Support is fitted with Velcro straps so that users can adjust the brace to meet their peculiar knee size and can also reduce or increase pressure as they would like per time.

These straps also help to work against slippage, such that once you slip on this brace it remains in position until you tell it otherwise.

Just like most other knee braces, this one is also made of neoprene. However, in this case, it is extra thickened in order to give even greater protection and to encourage a much improved flow of blood around the injured area for a speedier recovery.

Also, it comes with some perforations on the internal part of the brace which solely function to wick away sweat and moisture from your skin so that your skin remains dry, fresh, non-itchy and non-irritated under your brace. Now, you can feel even more comfortable using your brace however long you have to wear it.

It’s so lightweight and inconspicuous that you can easily wear it under your pants and carry on with your activity without undue attention to the injured area by you or others.


  • Its open patella design reduces stress and pressure on the kneecap and thereby prevents knee injury
  • The design also helps to relieve sprained, strained, fatigued and arthritic knees
  • Its stabilizer ring keeps the patella in position (stabilizes it) and helps to redistribute stress among different ligaments and muscles thereby helping injured knees to recover and keeping uninjured knees from suffering an injury
  • It offers excellent compression which improves blood flow and healing of injured knees
  • The perforations underneath the brace help to absorb moisture keeping the skin underneath the brace dry, fresh, and non-itchy
  • It is lightweight and is hardly noticeable when worn


  • The Velcro straps appear to be a nuisance for some as they keep digging into their legs and causing discomfort

You needed a working knee support brace; we gave you a review of 12 of the best ones in the market alongside an exhaustive guide to help you make an informed choice. Making your choice should be a lot simpler now, yeah?

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