Wilson H2510 Volleyball Knee Pad Knee Pad / Reviews
  • Type – knee pad
  • Manufacturer – Wilson
  • Body part – knee only
  • Usage – protection in sports such as volleyball
  • Size – width 5.4” x length 9.3” x height 1.5”
  • Weight – 7.2 ounces
  • Colors – comes in black and white color
  • Age group – adults
  • Machine washable – Yes
  • Sold in pairs
  • Other features – low profile construction, polyurethane foam padding, ergonomic design, special grooves


This Wilson H2510 Volleyball Knee Pad, as it can be surmised, is intended for usage in volleyball trainings, games and competitions to prevent different knee injuries, for example, bumps, bruises and abrasions which can be caused by different outer impacts during volleyball games or specific volleyball movements such as digging, diving, spiking and jumping. As volleyball is one of the most traumatic sports which affect knees and joints, usage of knee pads like Wilson H2510 Volleyball Knee Pads is highly recommended. It should be mentioned, that this product is manufactured specially for indoor volleyball – it can be used while playing volleyball in the gym or on hard surfaces.


Despite the foam padding, this Wilson knee pad has thin, low profile construction which offers slim and smooth look, not bulky look as most of volleyball knee pads. As mentioned, this knee pad has polyurethane foam padding which provides excellent absorption of shock that comes from blows and other impacts during volleyball games. It also has ergonomic design for superior fit and comfort which will continue to endure after countless practices and matches. Special grooves on cushioning ensures flexibility and mobility, enhancing comfort and performance.


This Wilson H2510 Volleyball Knee Pad is ideal for minimalistic volleyball players, because it has minimalistic design and style, namely, it is available in black or white color, it has only two grooves for mobility and flat padding for protection. It has stitched top and bottom for better fit and stability. It also has white Wilson logo on top.

Size guide

This Wilson Volleyball Knee Pad dimensions are 5.4” x 9.3” x 1.5” and it is available only in one size which, as manufacturers assure, is suitable for most of adults, therefore, it is gamble, whether it will suit for you or not.


  • It has low profile construction;
  • It has ergonomic design and special grooves;


  • It is suitable only for adults;
  • Its size may not be appropriate;

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