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Knee replacement surgery Knee Health

Knee replacement surgery is reality to many people who are over the age of 50 because many people experience painful and very stiff knees at this age that makes it hard for them to do even the most basic everyday activities starting with climbing the stairs to sitting down and getting back up. And if your knees have come to this stage of stiffness or...

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Osgood-Schlatter Disease Knee Health

A very common condition that causes pain for kids and teenagers is something called Osgood-Schlatter Disease or OSD for short. Its full name does sound kind of scary however in reality it is not only very common but also not that serious as it is not a disease caused by some bacteria or virus but rather and injury that is caused by the adolescent overusing...

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Vitamins and supplements for knee health Knee Health

Usually once you experience knee pain the treatment people turn to most often is knee sleeves and knee braces because these types of remedies support your knee and often prevent any new injury from happening so that the condition of your knees don’t get worse. But there is one more thing you can do to not only keep your knees from getting worse but also...

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Most common knee exercises to stretch and strengthen your knees Knee Health

Knee pains and other symptoms that come with knee injuries and different knee conditions aren’t pleasant and if you let the conditions of your knees grow worse you might even need surgery or other drastic and unpleasant treatments. But there is a way how you can strengthen you knees, keep them flexible and prevent them from developing some type of injury and that is by...

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Knee pads usage in medicine Knee Health

Most of knee pads are intended to prevent knees injuries, therefore they are designed in different ways to protect knees against bruises, bumps, abrasions, wounds, inflammation, strains, dislocation and other knee injuries. However, knee pads are used not only for protective purposes, but also for medical purposes – knee supports such as pads, sleeves, straps and braces are used not only for knee protection against...

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The most common knee injuries and disorders Knee Health

Anatomically there are many different parts of the knee from the bones that come together at the knee to the muscles that allow the knee to move. And because knees are the part of our body that basically lets us do different activities like running or standing up from a chair all of these parts need to function properly for us to be able to...

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