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Pain in the Knee Joint Knee Health

Reasons of pain in the knee joint are different. For sporty active people, pain is often caused by overload or improper loading of the joint, which causes pain during movement, for example, during running, climbing down the stairs, or during peacetime. Depending of where precisely the pain is located – inside of knee, outside of knee, or in front of the knee, good specialist can...

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closeup of a young caucasian sportsman wearing sport clothes with his hand in his calf because of his calf muscle pain Knee Health

Muscle pain is widespread type of pain that may affect more than one muscle as well as soft tissues that surround muscles. Pain can also affect connective tissues such as ligaments, tendons, and fascias. Muscle pain is most common in the back, neck, and shoulder area, but it can affect other body parts as well. Sometimes even headache may be observed, that is associated with...

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Taping Knee Health

Concept of medical taping has its roots in Japan and Korea, in 70s. The aim of taping is enhancement of self-healing processes. Taping is effective treatment method for curing of strained ligaments, muscle pain and other injuries, as well as for reducing of haematoma and swelling using special tape. Taping is applying of tape according to health problem and person’s anatomic and functional particularities. Physiotherapist...

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Osteoporosis Knee Health

In the result of osteoporosis or fragile bone disease the quality and density of bones decrease, bones become thinner and more fragile, increasing the risk of bone fractures in the case of fall, bruise or without no apparent reason. Osteoporosis develops gradually, and often the first symptom of osteoporosis is bone fracture. The most common places of osteoporosis-related bone fractures are wrist bones, backbone and...

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Arthrosis Knee Health

Springs and autumns are the seasons when people experience an outbreak of joint pain. Those who know this problem are waiting the end of winter with concerns. Nowadays a lot of people feel joint pain already in the second half of life – after 20 years of age a natural aging process starts, which sooner or later affects joints. The main factors that are connected...

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Leg Cramps Knee Health

Leg cramps are intolerable sharp pain in the leg calves, which occur suddenly and which are known to everyone. Do not worry if leg cramps are episodic. A lot of people suffer from spontaneous and frequent cramps of night cramps. What are the causes of leg cramps, how to overcome them, and how to deal with them? Causes of leg cramps In most cases, elderly...

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How to Cure an Inflammation of Joints? Knee Health

Any type of arthritis means an inflammation of joints. This disease affects joints of knees, hips, and wrists, parts or backbone and other parts of body, causing pain and restricting movement. In the case of osteoarthritis, which is one of the most widespread joint diseases in the world, patients feel pain because the layer of their cartilages wears off and reduces. In the early stage...

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Deformations of Foot and Toes Knee Health

In summer, when feet are bare or in summer shoes, we can often see that toes are twisted or pushed on one another. This is not only an aesthetic problem, but also can cause discomfort and even pain. In addition, if the problem is in one part of foot, the patient should immediately think what to do, as the overload can affect other parts of...

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What to Do After Knee Trauma? Knee Health

Anatomical structure of knee joint is both very simple and very complicated at the same time. Without bones, it includes many other structures, which stabilize it and allow to move correctly. Knee joints are subjected to great load during lifetime, especially, if a person works hard physical work, is an athlete or has endured traumas, dislocations, and sprains. Athletes often have damaged menisci and tendons,...

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Osteoarthritis Knee Health

Osteoarthritis is widespread chronic disease of joints when as a result of inflammation surface of cartilage wears off and decreases. In one word, osteoarthritis is an inflammation in bones that form joints. Osteoarthritis spreads slowly and causes pain of damaged joints as well as stiffness and tumefaction. Osteoarthritis may develop in any synovial joint, but most often it affects most loaded joints like hip, knees...

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