Best Youth Basketball Knee Pads Best

If you love sports, especially the contact types, collision is often inevitable. When there is a collision, injuries are always around the corner. If you want to continue to be able to play the sport(s) you love, it is important that you get yourself some protection.

The knee is one of the most important parts of the body when it comes to sports because it has a lot to do we our movement. Every contact sport involves movement. In fact, the faster you can move, the better player you likely will be. So, a damaging injury to your knee might cut your sporting career short.

In this buying guide, we will be talking about knee protection – Basketball knee pads to be precise.

What are they and how are they useful?

A basketball knee pad is a sort of guard that protects your knees from enduring the full impact of collisions. They are also used to aid the healing process of a previously injured knee.

A lot of youth knee pads have both protective and therapeutic purposes. Knee pads have a foam protection that covers the knee area, offering protection to bumps and impacts. The therapeutic aspect is the compression it gives to your knees. The compression is common with knee sleeves.

Brands are beginning to make knee pads more holistic. A decent knee pad will offer both protection and healing so you are not exposed to injuries while you are trying to heal. You get the best of both simultaneously.

What are the components of a basketball knee pad?

There are different materials brands use for making their knee pads. Whatever the material used, comfort and functionality are often goals they try to achieve. Neoprene, cotton, spandex, etc. are some of the popular materials that are used for making knee pads.

Quite a lot of the basketball knee pads you will see nowadays are in the form of knee sleeves. Remember that holistic approach we talked about earlier? They also use high-density foam as covering over the knee. This is the protection aspect of these knee pads as they absorb most of the force in impacts before they reach your knees in order to prevent injuries.

The materials used are often elastic so they can have a squeezing effect on your knee area. This helps injuries heal faster and trains your knees for improved endurance.

How to select the best for you

No one can choose what is best for you unless they have as much knowledge of your situation as you do.

Since we cannot ask you questions, we can only guide you to what you can look out for.

All the basketball knee pads on our list are highly recommended. But not everyone’s budget can accommodate the same recommendations. Though pricing should not be your major determinant, we can agree that it is an important one. If you can get a pair that will suit your needs for a lower price, why go for an expensive one?

How you intend to use these knee pads is another factor you will want to take seriously. You definitely would not want to go for one of those knee sleeves that do not have a knee protector for a basketball game. That will be quite risky. That type will be ideal for healing or just jogging.

The design is another thing to look out for. This is not just a focus on aesthetics, even though that too might be a determining factor. In this case, we are more focused on functionality. Is it designed to be comfortable; for easy movement? Does it have moisture control?

Size is also a thing. It might seem like a negligible factor but if you have bought something that is a size or 2 smaller or bigger than you, you can definitely relate. In the case of basketball knee pads where a perfect fit helps you maximize the benefits you get, sizing isn’t something you want to ignore.

Luckily, most brands make their sizing charts available. So, you can measure yourself and compare it with what is on the chart and get a fitting size.

These all come together to give you value for your money. If you are going to spend a dime on a product, you have to be sure it will do what it says.

Important features and advantages of using knee pads

One of the stand-out advantages most of these basketball knee pads have is the combination of protection and healing they offer. The high-density foam that covers the knee area protects the knee from shocks that could cause damage. The elasticity of the materials used provides a compression feeling on the knee which helps the healing process and trains it for endurance.

Basketball knee pads have anti-slip silicone strips that keep them in position so they don’t slip and you have to pull them in place all the time. This can cause distractions and if they don’t happen all the time, you can focus on your performance in the game.

Moisture control is another great thing that comes with using basketball knee pads apart from the protection they offer. These pads have different ways of wicking sweat away from your skin so it does not accumulate and cause rashes or irritations. These can be very uncomfortable and will definitely affect your performance.

A well-designed basketball knee pad will aid your movements rather than restrict them. Basketball knee pads, like the ones we have on our list, ensure you are comfortable and will not restrict your movement. They conform to your knees and do not interfere so much so that you will often forget you are wearing them.

Even though we are talking about basketball knee pads, most of them can be used in many other sports. They are protective, healing, and comfortable, so whatever sports you love to play; these versatile defenders will mostly work well for you.

Gender is also not an issue with these basketball knee pads, they can be worn by men or women. They also come in different sizes, so kids, youth, and adults can play whatever sport they like and stay protected by these knee pads.

In our review of individual knee pads, you will find kids knee pads, teen pads, girls’ basketball knee pads, boys’ basketball knee pads, etc.

This buying guide was meant to help you find it easy to choose which basketball knee pad is most suitable for your need. We hope it did that. Now, read our list of the best youth basketball knee pads to decide on a right choice for you.

Bucwild Sports Basketball Padded Leg Sleeve

  • Manufacturer – Bucwild Sports
  • Size – X-Large
  • Age group – adults and youth
  • Sold in pairs
  • Colors – Black, Red, Blue digital camo
  • Weight – 4 oz
  • Other features – Advanced sweat wicking

Bucwild Sports is a company you cannot help but appreciate. It believes that anyone who uses any of its products should not just be satisfied but happy with it. So, it does all it can to make sure that happens all the time. Its products are top quality and long lasting. It is also a responsive company in the sense that it responds to customer complaints and inquiries within 24 hours. That way you can always get help with any of its products if you need it.

Its Basketball Padded Leg Sleeve Knee Pad is a unique blend of comfort and protection. Some other brands pay more attention to either of the two but this brand does not compromise any. It balances both of these important aspects really well so you can get the best of both worlds.

These knee pads conform to the shape of your knees as you wear them firmly wrapping around to give you full protection. It also allows you move freely without too much resistance and friction because of its flat seam stitching. This will not put unnecessary strain on your knees, making them sore. What you get is a total comfort and total freedom of movement.

It also uses an advanced sweat-wicking method to prevent an accumulation of sweat between the sleeves and your knees. The presence of too much moisture in that area for too long will inevitably lead to rashes and irritations. That is something you will not get from wearing these youth basketball knee pads as the advanced material will wick sweat away, keeping you dry and comfy.

This product uses a non-slip silicone band to keep the knee pads in position. This gives you added comfort and prevents the pads from slipping out of place. In addition, that prevents you from straining your muscles too much, helping you avoid soreness.

Another benefit you will get from wearing this pad is enhanced blood circulation around your knees which increases your agility, helping you perform better.

You can use these knee pads for many different sports and still get the adequate protection you need. It has also been reported that these pads help users with bad knees manage the pain better. But be sure to know your limits and get medical advice.


  • It wicks away sweat, helping you avoid irritation
  • It is comfortable and highly protective
  • It does not restrain movement.
  • Its non-slip silicone pads stay in position
  • It can be used for multiple sports


  • This is a great product but be careful when washing so you don’t overstretch it

McDavid 6446 Leg Sleeve

  • Manufacturer – Tengyes
  • Size – Small, Medium, Large
  • Weight – 8 oz
  • Age group – adults and youth
  • Sold in pairs
  • Color – Black, Red, Orange
  • Other features – Comes with a carrier bag

Tengyes is a manufacturing company that creates many different products and has a presence in many countries. This and its many years of experience show it is a focused and growing company. It emphasizes on integrating quality and value into all of its products as it believes customers pay for value and not just the products.

The extent of its dedication towards offering valuable solutions is evident in its Knee Compression Sleeve which offers a valuable solution to sportsmen and women. The Tengyes knee pads are also useful to people who are just looking to recover from a knee injury. The kind of compression you get on your knees from wearing these sleeves offers all-around knee wellness.

This pair of knee pads uses a lightweight and breathable material which gives you superb all-day comfort. Even with the type of compression, you will get, the light weight of this knee pad makes up for it. These pads can be used for relieving pains in the knee area and can also be used to prevent injuries especially for those who play sports or indulge in rigorous exercise.

It will not slip around your knees as you work out or get active. It is ergonomically designed to be a perfect fit as it mimics the shape of your knees and grips them. You get a wide range of movement with these knee sleeves as against some others that will make you use more effort to move like you want.

Get active, play as intensely as you want; these knee sleeves have you covered. They may be lightweight but they are also rugged. The knitting of the breathable material is tough and durable and can handle whatever type of activity you throw at it. This is why these pads are great for whatever sports you are into. From running to weightlifting, volleyball, basketball, football, lacrosse; you name it. The Tengyes Knee Compression Sleeve will protect you all the way.

Sizing really matters with knee pads as that is how you get the maximum benefits from them. Just follow the manufacturer’s sizing instructions to get yourself the perfect fit. These sleeves are available in small, medium, and large sizes so both young and old can enjoy the pads’ awesome protection. There are also sizes small enough to pass for kids’ basketball knee pads.

You don’t even need to search for boys’ basketball knee pads separately from girls’ basketball knee pads. This is because these knee pads are designed to be unisex. Male knees are not so different from females’. Along these lines, we found out that the small size is one of the best pads for tweens.

The knee pads are packaged in a carrier bag which makes it easy to take to the gym or the court.


  • It is lightweight and breathable
  • It is available in multiple sizes
  • It offers full protection and is comfortable
  • It is tough and durable


  • Sizing might be an issue if you don’t follow the instructions properly

Keepafit Basketball Knee Pads

  • Manufacturer – McDavid
  • Materials – 80% nylon/20% spandex (elastane); polyethylene foam
  • Size – Small, Medium, Large, X-Lare
  • Age group – adults and youth
  • Sold in pairs
  • Colors – Mgrid, blue, red, black, navy, white, pink
  • Other features – Extended length for better fit as well as added protection against cuts and scratches

McDavid is a sports brand that has been supporting active sports enthusiasts for years. It offers top quality products that help sports people be their best in games and during training. Protection is quite important in sports and McDavid is quite aware of that. This is why it pays special attention to designing protective gear that prevents strain and injuries without compromising comfort, of course.

The McDavid 6446 Hex Padded Compression Leg Sleeve uses high-density foams to protect the knees from heavy impacts. Collisions to the knee are almost inevitable in sports so while wearing these knee pads, you can rely on the protection you will get to help you avoid injuries. The foam that protects the knees are shock-resistant and will absorb the impact of collisions.

The soft and smooth material used for the sleeves is elastic making it hug your legs snugly to provide maximum comfort. It also uses anti-slip silicon strips on the inner side to prevent the knee pads from slipping out of position. If this happens, the level of protection you get is greatly reduced and you are left vulnerable to injuries.

This is not one of those knee pads that stifle your movements. Even though this pair offers good grip, they still allow you unrestricted movement. The manufacturers know sporting activities require movement, lots of it. Wouldn’t it be counter-productive if a sports gear prevents you from moving freely? This is the smart thinking adopted by the folks at McDavid.

These knee protection sleeves enhance your movement so you can perform your best while wearing them.

It also adopts a moisture management technology that prevents the accumulation of moisture on your skin. This approach prevents sweat build up which can easily cause irritation and rashes (which is definitely not what you want). This moisture-wicking technology further prevents odor-causing bacteria from breeding on your knee pads, making them uncomfortable with time.

Whether you are trying to protect your knees from injuries or you are already injured and want to prevent it from escalating, this is the right product for you. These knee pad sleeves will help you manage the pains on your injured knee, protect it from getting worse and even help the healing process.

This pair can serve as kids’ basketball knee pads as well as for adults depending on the size you choose (so everyone can indulge in their favorite sports). Be sure to follow the sizing chart provided so you can get a perfect fit thereby maximizing the benefit you get from it.


  • Specially designed contoured knee pad which surrounds your knee to provide all-around protection
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • SPF proof
  • Various sizes available
  • Reduces vibration and oscillation
  • Various colors are available
  • Sold in pairs


  • It is prone to tearing when used in a washing machine

Bucwild Sports Knee Pads

  • Manufacturer – Bucwild Sports
  • Materials – Spandex/Polyester
  • Size – Small, Medium, Large
  • Age group – adults and youth
  • Sold in pairs
  • Weight – 4 oz
  • Other features – Increases blood circulation

Bucwild Sports believes that keeping its customers happy is the easiest way to stay in business. So, it channels its efforts into doing just that. How else can a sports brand keep its customers happy other than offering high-quality, reliable, and innovative products? This is what Bucwild Sports has come to be known for.

The advanced sweat-wicking technology used in this Bucwild Sports Knee Pads is highly effective at preventing the build-up of moisture on your knees. This does not only keep you comfortable, it prevents rashes and irritation that come with the accumulation of sweat. This wicking ability also prevents odor-causing bacteria from lodging in your knee pads, making them smelly and discolored.

The high-density pad that is meant to protect the knee is inserted individually so that it conforms to the movement of your knees. That way, whichever way you bend or move, your knees are still fully protected. Knowing how much protection you are getting with these sleeves, you can focus on the game and play your best.

The Spandex material used for making this knee sleeve protection is soft and smooth to the skin. Coupled with the snug fit, you enjoy maximum comfort whenever you wear them. The grip of the knee pads also enhances blood circulation around your knees. Your muscles and nerves are well supplied with blood which helps you get the best out of them for optimal performance. These knee pads won’t just protect you, they will make you perform better!

Movement is also easy when you wear these protection sleeves. Some other knee pads make movement difficult and uncomfortable. Remember we said these pads conform to your knees? This is an added benefit of that features: It lets you move freely without restrictions.

It uses a non-slip silicone band that ensures the sleeves stay in place as you do your thing. This reduces distractions during game action and allows you focus. If the knee protection often slips out of position, it will surely reduce the protection you get from it. And if it happens during a game, it increases your chances of getting injured. The last thing you want is for the gear that should protect to become what causes an injury.

Since these knee pads compress around your knee and enhance blood circulation, this is a great way to support a recovering knee. It is easy to wear and take off. You can also choose from black, red, blue, and white colors. A knee sleeve that matches your jersey will surely make you stand out on the court.


  • It promotes blood circulation
  • It has a moisture wicking system
  • It conforms to the shape of the knee
  • It is protective and comfortable


  • The knee area seems to wear rather too quickly

COOLOMG Antislip Basketball Knee Protector

  • Manufacturer – COOLOMG
  • Materials – polyester
  • Size – XS, S, M, L, XL/li]
  • Age group – adults and youth
  • Machine washable – Yes
  • Sold in pairs
  • Color – Black, White, Yellow, Red, Purple, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Fluorescent green and Orange

There is nothing more encouraging than seeing an upcoming brand that is dedicated to the growth and accepts feedback from its customers. COOLOMG is one of such brands. In its 4 years of operation, it has been invited by different giant retail stores for stocking. It boasts of having the best crop of local designers. Its major focus is on designing unique products with great functionality. Its production process has been ISO certified and this is proof that its products are made under top quality control. Isn’t that enough assurance that you are getting your money’s worth?

The COOLOMG Antislip Basketball Knee Protector is made of fine polyester fabric which makes it lightweight, soft and elastic. This makes it easy to use and easy to wear. It is short-sleeved, which means that its protection capability is centered around the knee alone. This brings the power of focus to play – the more you focus on an area, the more efficient you become in that area. Because of the focus on the knee area, this sleeve is efficient at protecting the knee.

One major advantage of this knee sleeve is that it comes in different colors and patterns. If you are someone who loves to make a statement with everything you wear, even if it’s a sports outfit, this would work perfectly for you. You are at liberty to pick your favorite color or a matching color to your sports kit, and you can also choose a pattern that appeals to you. In fact, it gives you an opportunity to customize your own knee sleeve.

On another hand, it comes in different sizes that are good for both children and adults. A family that works together, wearing similar outfit is a good sight to behold.

Peradventure it’s just one of your knees that needs attention and you do not want to use the sleeve for both knees, this sleeve is right for you as it is sold as single and not in pairs. I know that this may be an issue for people who want to buy a pair but if you look at the cost, you will see that buying two pieces of this is equivalent to buying a pair of other knee protectors or sleeves.

Most customers noted that the sleeves provided great cushioning and crash protection during a fall. This will simply take away the fear of children bruising themselves in the event of a fall during play. These customers also commented on the durability of the sleeves having used them for over 1 year without any complaints.


  • Comes in different colors and sizes
  • Lightweight, soft and elastic
  • Durable
  • Crash protection


  • Sold as singles
  • Can be air dried only

Ecourban Knee Pads

  • Made of knitted breathable fabric for improved ventilation
  • It reduces muscle vibrations
  • It has a soft silicone antiskid strip to keep the knee pad in place
  • You can wash it in the machine without fear of damaging it
  • It uses moisture management technology to keep the user dry
  • It has an antibacterial and SPF 50 sun protection
  • Age group – youth and adults
  • Machine washable – Yes
  • Sold in pairs
  • Color – Antibacterial & SPF 50 sun protection

Ecourban is known for innovation and quality. It uses materials that are of high quality and eco-friendly in combination with innovative technology to create sports products that are durable, comfortable, and unique. Its products are made with customer comfort and convenience in mind. Little wonder it has been reputed as the brand that adds a little extra to all its products.

The Ecourban Sports Knee Support is one of such products that give you much more than you bargained for. It has an advanced moisture management method that it uses to keep your knees dry under the sleeves. It also features an antibacterial layer that prevents irritation and odor. Like that is not enough, these pair of knee pads also sport the SPF 50 sun protection so you don’t have any worries when playing outdoors.

Made of airy knitted microfiber fabric, it is lightweight and breathable. The lightweight nature makes it feel like a second skin to your knees and shins and the breathability makes for easy discharge of sweat and moisture. This means that while using this knee support, you do not have to worry whether it will be sticky after you have sweated with it. If you can get the right sizing for your leg, these supports will fit snugly and feel like you are putting on compression socks.

It has been designed to help protect athletes who are prone to knee injuries or shin splints. When you use this knee support, it contains the muscles around it and reduces the vibrations that cause the strains and injuries. As your knee moves, the sponge fabric and padding also protect the connective tissues between your knees and your legs. This gives you better muscle protection and reduces muscle fatigue.

It has an antiskid strip that is made of soft silicone. This helps to keep the knee in place by producing centralized pressure when the knee is in motion. It goes from the knee to just above the ankle thereby providing overall protection for the knee and shin.

Another beautiful feature of this knee support is that it stands up to machine wash when washed in delicate cycle. Don’t worry, it won’t fall apart when washed. The fabric is durable enough.

The padding is thicker than you would find in most knee supports, and it has a squish to it. It is large enough to go around the knees and provide all-around protection, no matter where it’s coming from.


  • Comes in six different colors
  • Sold in pairs
  • Available in four sizes – small, medium, large and extra-large
  • Affordable
  • Breathable material


  • Not available in different colors

Reachs Honeycomb Knee Pads

  • Manufacturer – REACHS
  • Materials – polyester
  • Size – S, M, L, XL
  • Age group – youth
  • Sold in pairs
  • Color – Black, Blue, Purple, Red, White, Yellow.
  • Other features – unique hexagonal honeycomb design

Reach is one of those brands you just want to patronize over and over. The reason is simple, it offers products that proffer lasting solutions to their customers’ problems. One way it is able to constantly achieve this is by listening to its customers’ feedback and doing something about it. This has helped it immensely to tailor its designs to match customer expectations.

Its Honeycomb Knee Pads are made of high-quality polyester fabric that is smooth on the skin and ultimately provides comfort. Without comfort, the user will not perform optimally and this will defeat its purpose as a sports gear. The fabric is carefully spawned into a shape that firmly grips the knee area providing a therapeutic compression. This compression aids healing of injuries and trains the muscles to withstand pressure.

This knee pad is said to help the healing process of an injured knee. It also relieves the pains caused by arthritis, tendonitis, etc. The breathable fabric also allows a steady airflow in and out of the knee pad, providing extra comfort to the knees.

The pad area is laid with high-density foam that absorbs shocks from getting to the knees, thereby preventing injuries. The pad also adopts the hexagonal design (which is popular among protective gear) to offer stability and support to the knee.

The stitches at both ends of the knee pad have anti-slip bands around them, preventing the knee pads from slipping out of position. If this happens, the protection offered by this knee pad is compromised, opening up the user to the risk of injuries. With the knee pad staying in place with the help of the non-slip bands, the user has fewer distractions which give more room to focus on the game.

These knee pads are quite versatile as they can be worn during most sports and still get the best out of it. Quite a number of users that have played basketball with the pair claims they are quite comfortable. These knee pads are available in different sizes so every member of your household can get a pair and enjoy the comfort and protection it has to offer.

If you are the type that seeks to represent your style at every opportunity you get, the Reachs Honeycomb Knee Pads is great for you. It is available in Yellow, White, Purple, Red, Blue, and Black colors. You can just get a pair of colors that match your team’s kit and watch everyone wowed by your outfit and your skills.


  • It has a high-density foam to protect the knees
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • It compresses the knees which aid recovery
  • The breathable material promotes ventilation


  • The knee pads do not do so well when washed in the machine

McDavid HEX Protective Knee Pads

  • Manufacturer – McDavid
  • Materials – Spandex and Nylon
  • Size – X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large
  • Weight – 8 oz
  • Age group – adults and youth
  • Machine washable – Yes
  • Sold in pairs
  • Color – Available in 11 colors
  • Other features – Uses advanced moisture management technology

McDavid is a world-renowned sports brand that is specialized in sports medical products. It is a highly recommended brand by a lot of professional physics. We all know that not just any product gets that type of recommendation. McDavid earned its place in the industry by consistently offering superior quality products that surpass customers’ expectations.

That same quality and performance are what you will get from the McDavid HEX Protective Knee Pads. This product uses a proprietary material that is lightweight and gentle on the skin. It also has a protective high-density pad that covers the knee, offering it unparalleled protection against impacts.

The hexagonal patterns on the pad area conform to the knee and moves along with it, giving you extra comfort and reliable protection at the same time. The elastic fabric of the sleeve helps hold the pad firmly in place over your knees so it doesn’t shift around compromising the protection.

This knee pad uses the Hydra Vent hDc Moisture Management Technology which helps you stay cool and dry throughout its use. This technology works by bonding hydrophilic molecules with synthetic fiber surfaces. As you exercise, you build up a sweat which will soon start to cause discomfort. However, the hydra vent hDc wicks away the moisture from your skin and gets absorbed by the fabric.

The moisture then spread across the border of the fabric which makes evaporation fast. This process helps you stay dry all the time so your internal temperature management can function more effectively. The fact that this knee pad can keep itself dry eliminates the problem of rashes or irritation that is often common among some other pads.

This McDavid knee pad also causes compression around your knees which provides soft tissue support and can speed up healing with its therapeutic heat. This knee pad is also said to provide relief from tendonitis, bursitis, and arthritis.

There are different sizes of this awesome knee pad so no one is left out of the protective and healing benefits it has to offer. However, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s sizing chart to get a good fit for yourself. Whether male or female, if you need knee pads for protection or recovery, this is one of the best knee pads you can find.

The manufacturer claims that this knee pad is machine washable and can even be used under a dryer.


  • It uses advanced technology for moisture control
  • It has a design that ensures maximum comfort
  • It uses a high-density foam pad to protect the knee
  • Its hexagonal design makes the pad conform to the knees


  • As good as this product is, it would have been better if it could last longer

COOLOMG Crashproof Basketball Knee Sleeve

  • Manufacturer – COOLOMG Technology
  • Materials – Elastic polyester fabric, EVA pads protector, mix resin
  • Size – XXS XS S M L XL
  • Age group – adults and youth
  • Machine washabl – Yes
  • Sold in pairs – No
  • Other features – 23 different colors available

Founded in 2014, COOLOMG Technology is a company that specializes in the production of sporting gear using the latest in sports science with a lot of creativity. The production team is made up of professional local designers who possess both passion and deep understanding of what they do. You are sure you are buying from a company that has your interest in mind.

COOLOMG employs genius technological skills to produce some of the best quality in the market at a much lesser price. You get to enjoy more while paying less. Ever since 2015, COOLOMG has joined the leagues of best dealers on Amazon. This is a company that has come to stay. You are sure you are buying from a company that has a name to protect. One of its products is the COOLOMG Crashproof Basketball Leg Knee Long Sleeve Protector Gear.

This COOLOMG knee gear is made of high-quality polyester fabric. A kneepad is worn to aid your game, not ruin it. People often complain of knee gear hindering the smooth movement of their knee joints during play. Do not worry, COOLOMG knee gear works just like it is part of you. Feel free to flex your joints and enjoy your game.

Now you are probably thinking it would tear off easily due to its high elasticity, right? Well, no. The COOLOMG knee gear is manufactured with extreme quality mix resin that makes it stretch without tearing. Its breaking point is at infinity. Remember High School Physics? (winks).

And what is the use of a knee gear that cannot protect the knees? The COOLOMG knee gear pads are made with ‘Ethylene vinyl acetate’ (EVA), a polymer that is very flexible and soft. The material has extremely high stress-crack resistance. You worry about the game and don’t be scared to fall; COOLOMG has got your knee.

Have you ever wondered what else makes sports stars so loved apart from their good talents? They are so cool. With the COOLOMG knee gear, you are sure going to get your team members and fans going “OMG! You are so cool.”

And what’s more? The manufacturers of this product have so much confidence in the quality that they have decided to put a lifetime warranty on it. You are sure you are not buying just another knee gear.


  • Extremely light and easy to use — feels just like your knee
  • Manufactured with mix resin that reduces tear
  • Has high stress-crack resistance
  • Has good aesthetic value
  • Has a lifetime warranty


  • Very tight fitting
  • Can’t be put in dryer
  • Can not be ironed

COOLOMG Long Basketball Leg & Knee Sleeve Protectors

  • Manufacturer – COOLOMG Technology
  • Materials – Elastic polyester fabric, EVA pads protector, mix resin
  • Size – XXS, XS, S, M, L, and XL
  • Age group – adults / youth / children
  • Machine washable – Yes
  • Sold in pairs

Committed to protecting athletes with their products, COOLOMG has succeeded in earning a very good reputation in the protective gear industry. Whether this is because COOLOMG chooses to use local designers, or because their products always end up being unique, functional, and not too pricey (there must be a relationship between the two) we can’t really tell. However, we see them do just that with the COOLOMG Crashproof Leg Knee Protector Gear which is made using polyester fabric that is both soft and elastic and comes in sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, to XL.

COOLOMG makes a neat brag about striving to always provide the MOST stylish, professional, and comfortable (very important) sports gear and, boy, do they make good on their brag with this one. This stuff improves blood flow and treats swelling caused by lymphedema. Actually, it treats the disease itself. With all that increase in circulation, you are bound to see faster muscle recovery from soreness, and a level of relief from the pain (muscles and tendons included). What this means is that you and your kids can now skate, hike, cycle, and so much more while they fall to their heart’s content – it’s okay if you fall too.

Now remember they said something about being stylish, and despite being very affordable, they do not fail on that end either. Apart from the obviously sleek, sophisticated designs, they are made to act as a UV shield with over 98% protection so you can wave goodbye to greasy lotions. Even if you don’t love the rubber grip on the inside around the thigh, you can fold it over and it will still stay up.

But, even with all those fabulous features, nothing can beat the 100% lifetime guarantee that comes with it.


  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee Warranty! You can get a refund, resend, it doesn’t matter what ripped, and all you have to do is send a photo
  • Their printing tech uses environmental friendly Italian Ink so you can count on it being safe on your skin, and it doesn’t fade
  • Easy to take off and put back on so you don’t worry about overheating
  • It doubles as a knee warmer
  • The knit literally wicks away sweat so you remain cool and dry
  • Doubles as a UV rays shield with up to 98% protection
  • Can be tossed in a washing machine running cold water without damaging it


  • Even though you can easily ask for a 100% free replacement, users have found that the material tears rather easily
  • If you follow their size chart, you may end up with a pair too small and have to re-order (Again 100% free)

Now that you have come to the end of our list of youth basketball knee pads, we hope you will find it easy to choose which one is best for your needs. Do note that these brands we featured also have girls’ knee pads, tween pads, and children knee pads in case you need to get for your budding sporty kid.

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