Actpe Basketball Strengthen Knee Pad Knee Pad / Reviews
  • Type – knee pad / sleeve
  • Manufacturer – Actpe
  • Body part – knee only
  • Structure – polyester
  • Usage – protection in sports such as basketball
  • Size – check size guide below
  • Weight – about 2 ounces, depends on size
  • Colors – comes in black, white, red, blue colors
  • Age group – adults / youth
  • Machine washable – Yes
  • Sold as single
  • Other features – honeycomb design pads, anti-slip band


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Actple Basketball Strengthen Knee Pad can be used in sports such as basketball for protecting knees against injuries, for example, bruises, bumps and abrasions, which are caused by different impacts during basketball trainings and games. As manufacturers have determined, these knee pads can be used not only in basketball, but in sports such as football, baseball, cycling and golf as well.


This basketball knee pad has padding which is made of honeycomb design, separately placed pads which ensure better conformation to joints and so the superior flexibility and comfort too. It has anti-slip band which prevents slipping down, therefore sportsmen can feel safe and comfortable, and can focus on the game instead of discomfort caused by slipping sleeves. Despite the fact, this pad is made of synthetic polyester, it is quite breathable, so the sweat can be expelled from it, leaving its wearer cool and dry.


This product is made of high quality elastic and soft polyester fabric which provides its elasticity and comfort. As mentioned, this basketball knee pad is available in black, white, red and blue colors. Actple Basketball Strengthen Knee Pad has padding made of honeycomb design pads which gives it interesting and stylish look.

Size guide

This product is available in four different sizes – S, M, L, XL. To find out, what is your size, measure your knee circumference and follow the table below.

Size Sleeves circumference above Sleeves circumference below Sleeves length Fit suggestion weight
S 28 cm / 11.2” 22 cm / 8.8” 42 cm / 16.8” Less than 55 kg
M 30 cm / 11.8” 24 cm / 9.9” 44 cm / 17.7” Less than 65 kg
L 32 cm / 12.8” 26 cm / 10.4” 46 cm / 18.1” 65 kg – 80 kg
XL 34 cm / 13.6” 28 cm / 11.2” 48 cm / 18.5” More than 80 kg


  • It has various sizes;
  • It is available in four different colors;
  • It has features as honeycomb design pads for better conformation and anti-slip band against slipping down;
  • It has a good quality;


  • It is intended only for knee;
  • It can be used only in several situations;
  • It is sold as single;
  • In more aggressive and intensive sports its material may be too thin;
  • It’s size may be inappropriate;

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