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Hello my dear guest!

Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting my site – kneesafe.com!

I am Mathew Foster – an enthusiast of sports who not only regularly practices different sports, but also has a deep interest in it.

My passion with sports started in early childhood when me and my dad were playing a ball in the backyard garden, pretending to be professional footballers. Taking into account my abilities to run with the ball, my dad decided that this ability has to be developed, participating in different sports circles. Considering that I had no objections and I really liked play the ball, I agreed. As a result I spent not only my childhood, but also my youth, playing football and volleyball in school’s sports teams. Now, when I have graduated school and have become an adult, I still love to spend my free time playing football and volleyball with my friends, thereby having fun and relaxing.

As you can presume, I have never been playing these sports at a professional level, earning the money with them, but I have always been deeply interested in them. This interest manifests both in practice and theory. I think, that it is very important to know not only practical, but also theoretical side of any matter which is closely involved in our lives. Such matter in my life is sports.

In my opinion, one of the most important aspects of every sports is safety. Despite the fact, that sport associates with fun and recreation, it is connected with the risk of different injuries as well. As many researches have proved, the most injured part of body is the knee, because it is the biggest and the most complex joint in the human body. Other researches show that knee injuries mostly occur during sports because of inappropriate or insufficient protection. I have always been using some kind of knee protection, but since I never had any serious knee injury or other knee problems, I did not know about their importance.

Basing on these facts, I understood that sports and knee protection are inseparable concepts, therefore, I began the process of research to find out how to protect my knees in the best way. During this research I learned so much about knee health and knee protection, that I decided that other people have to know about it too. Nowadays one of the best ways to realize it is creation of some website, therefore, I made this site – KneeSafe – where you can find out everything about knee safety. Everyone knows, that good health is not something we can buy, but everyone has to know that we can buy something to improve our health. One of such ways is buying of appropriate knee protectors to avoid knee injuries.

Remember, that preventing of injuries is easier and cheaper than treatment of them.

In order to find out or recommend something kindly contact me, using e-mail address which you can find in the contact form.

Yours sincerely,

Mathew Foster



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